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How has the Digital Age  given more opportunities to actors?

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Audition Tips

The Obvious Choice in an Audition… Is Usually the Wrong Choice

The dentist chair is a wonderful place to consider what sort of performance. read more

If you know what is happening next, so does your audience

I have this theory about acting and auditions. For movies. For the big. read more

The One Quality that is Missing from all your Auditions

Actor training is essential to empower you with the confidence and the focus. read more

How an Actor Connects to a Casting Director

The actor and casting director relationship is flawed. Because it is so out. read more

Is Self Taping a fad or here to stay?

Six Reasons why your next acting workshop should be ONLINE If you could. read more

In Casting Meetings …. What do they say about you?

This may surprise you, but when we cast a movie or a series,. read more

What will you do in 2018 that changes your career destiny?

  Einstein must have been quite a witty guy. Think about this quote.. read more

Self test — you better be good.

How Do You Connect To The Frame In Your Auditions?

I think all drama training is always about how the character is connected. read more

Are You A John Doe?

John Doe is an unidentified person. Someone with no individuality. Which alas, so. read more

We have discovered…

Eric Bana

Greg cast Eric in his beak out role of ‘Chopper Reid’. Since then Banner has gone and been the star of many US and international films and series.

Russell Crowe

Greg discovered Russell and cast him in his first feature film being ‘Proof’ along with Hugo Weaving. He then went on and cast Russell in his break out role in ‘Romper Stomper’. We all know the great films Russell has gone on to star in.

Hugo Weaving

Greg discovered Hugo in the film ‘Death in Brunswick’ along with the late great John Clark (aka Fred Dagg). Hugo has gone on to star in many international and local films and series.

Guy Pearce

Greg cast Guy in his first four feature films ‘Heaven Tonight’, ‘Hunting’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Flynn’. Guy has gone on to be a sought after name for international productions.

Jacquie Mckenzie

Greg cast Jacquie in her first screen role in ‘Romper Stomper’. He then cast her in the Michael Rymer film ‘Angel Baby’ along with John Lynch. Jacquie has gone on to forge both a national and international reputation for both her stage and screen work.

Rhadha Mitchell

Greg cast Rhada as a young girl in ‘Love & Other Catastrophies’. Rhada has gone  on to star in Woody Allens’ films as well as several other US features.

Rachel Griffiths: Greg first discovered Rachel in the ABC series ‘Secrets’ . She then starred in Muriels Wedding and then the highly successful US series ‘Six Feet Under’.

Alex O’loughin

Greg discovered Alex in ‘Man Thing’ a Marvel feature film and is currently starring in Hawaii 5’0.

38 Years of Experience

We have been casting since before the fax machine! In fact we were the first to have a fax machine in the industry in Australia. That’s how long we have been auditioning actors. We have literally seen thousands upon thousands in our casting studio. As a result we have learned and adopted techniques that other acting coaches cannot possibly know.

Greg’s weekly feedback has been so incredibly helpful with trying to navigate this hectic industry as an actor. Getting answers from an industry professional in the casting world has cleared up so much of the mystery behind landing (and not landing) roles. 6 weeks of hard work well spent! Thanks Greg!read more
Emma Burnside
Emma Burnside
Confronting yet amazing at the same time! The Audition Technique is a one of a kind course which I recommend every aspiring actors takes part in. I took away so much in terms of auditioning and how to create impact with an audition, to be remembered. It made me realise that a self tape is so much more then we take it to be. We have total control in the self taping situation. Greg gives incredible feedback and empowered me with several tools I can now use to better my selftapes and in general my auditions, making for much more memorable, stronger auditions. Highly recommended!read more
Sunny S Walia
Sunny S Walia
I could not be more grateful for the journey I’ve had over the past six weeks in Self- Taping School. Throughout my whole career, I’ve never experienced a more tough, yet enjoyable challenge. Greg awakens actors to the communication tools we have at our fingertips in the digital age and empowers actors with the right thinking and skills to delivering memorable and individual auditions. Thanks to his help, I’m now setting career goals in place and am actually EXCITED about my future auditions, rather than just anxious to book work!An absolute must for any actor who’s serious about their career.read more
Simon Lee
Simon Lee
Greg is the Man!!! The journey and enlightenment you receive from his online self tape course is worth every penny spent. He will open your eyes & help get you on the right path to have the best opportunities to be remembered in your audition which will eventually lead to the call that you booked the role! You will learn valuable little things that can make a difference in your audition... I highly recommend Greg & The Audition Technique! -Treyread more
Trey Miller
Trey Miller
Greg's insight has changed the way I view my career. I couldn't recommend this course enough to anyone who wants to reach another level in their acting career.read more
Gerard Holland
Gerard Holland
I hate wasting money, so I'm pleased to say the Self-Taping School has been money very well spent. This course not only provides you with a good teacher, it teaches you what you need to teach yourself. Learning curve is steep, but not overly so, and you can make it steeper if you really pay attention. Time allocation is important. You'll need a facebook, vimeo and dropbox account and something to video and do very basic editing on. Free editing apps are enough. Also very helpful...a reader; grab whomever you can or link up with someone else on the course in your area.read more
Jason Sinclair
Jason Sinclair
What I love about TAT is that it is a course that is on YOUR side.Apart from all the indispensible information coming from a casting director’s point of view, it is also empowering, practical and progressive. In a ground-breaking way it sheds light on what seems to be invisible but which is actually right at our fingertips. Somewhere along the course you will find yourself going: ‘…hold on a second… so to some extent it is possible to be in the driver’s seat as an actor!’ If I were an advertiser putting a tagline on this course it would read: ‘This is your wake up call to embrace the digital world as an actor!’read more
Lena Sandberg
Lena Sandberg
Niaa Art
Niaa Art
Best thing I have ever done so far in my acting career! Greg is so kind and gives constructive helpful advices with his huge knowledge and he has a lot of humor 🙂 I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am so happy to say too, that since I have ended the course, almost every self tape I have done has resulted in a recall and the most recent one got a role in a tv-series 🙂 Thank you so so much for this course Greg and the audition technique team!read more
Rebecca Labbé
Rebecca Labbé
Amazing, a must do for any actor! Thanks Greg.
Jye Hawley
Jye Hawley
Fabulous, an absolute necessity for anyone hoping to audition on self tape, which is everyone right? What a shame to think you would miss out on a gig by technical or performance glitches that you could have ironed out. Love Greg's approach and love how he is sharing years of knowledge and wanting to help actors! Amazing, you will come out transformed!read more
Gemma Flannery
Gemma Flannery
Greg's course is the most valuable thing I've done in years. It's not just the professional tools he explores with you to take ownership of your career - it's the impact he has on your craft. I am more connected to myself as a performer and creative individual, and it is all thanks to him.read more
Jessica Hutchinson
Jessica Hutchinson