The Audition Technique helps educate actors in screen acting auditions.

Casting Director Greg Apps, has seen hundreds of thousands of auditions over his 38 years in casting, and finds it disheartening for a Casting Director to see talented actors stumble at the audition block.

Here at The Audition Technique he shares his insights.

Greg knows there are two key stages to the audition.

Stage one is to get the audition opportunity.
Stage two is to execute it memorably.

If you are ready to realise your full potential as an actor…

Then welcome to the Audition Technique. We look forward to being your partner on your audition journey to success!




Learn from your lounge room in your pajamas

How has the Digital Age  given more opportunities to actors?

Personal weekly mentoring on your audition tapes

Audition Tips

What should Actors Prep for in their Next Audition?

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If You Could Audition For One Role, Which Role Would It Be?

Okay, I’m going to grant you one wish and that is to have. read more

Casting Directors Hate This In Auditions

I came back from holiday recently, and on holidays is when I read. read more

What Are Casting Directors Looking For?

I think the problem with actors in terms of success in auditions is. read more

For Actor Audition Success, Prepare Nothing

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How To Say F#*k In An Audition

We have discovered…

Eric Bana

Greg cast Eric in his beak out role of ‘Chopper Reid’. Since then Banner has gone and been the star of many US and international films and series.

Russell Crowe

Greg discovered Russell and cast him in his first feature film being ‘Proof’ along with Hugo Weaving. He then went on and cast Russell in his break out role in ‘Romper Stomper’. We all know the great films Russell has gone on to star in.

Hugo Weaving

Greg discovered Hugo in the film ‘Death in Brunswick’ along with the late great John Clark (aka Fred Dagg). Hugo has gone on to star in many international and local films and series.

Guy Pearce

Greg cast Guy in his first four feature films ‘Heaven Tonight’, ‘Hunting’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Flynn’. Guy has gone on to be a sought after name for international productions.

Jacquie Mckenzie

Greg cast Jacquie in her first screen role in ‘Romper Stomper’. He then cast her in the Michael Rymer film ‘Angel Baby’ along with John Lynch. Jacquie has gone on to forge both a national and international reputation for both her stage and screen work.

Rhadha Mitchell

Greg cast Rhada as a young girl in ‘Love & Other Catastrophies’. Rhada has gone  on to star in Woody Allens’ films as well as several other US features.

Alex O’loughin

Greg discovered Alex in ‘Man Thing’ a Marvel feature film and is currently starring in Hawaii 5’0.

Few days ago I did a 1:1 session with Greg to find out how to develop further as an actor. Not only as an artist, but also fromthe marketing point of view. I am exited about the easy-to-do tipps and advices Greg gave me and which I started to follow already.So I do recommend this 1:1 sessions deep from my heart to every actor. A real highly efficient "AHA experience"read more
Herbert Forthuber
Herbert Forthuber
This isn't even bullsh!t when I say this but anything that happens to me from now in terms of getting auditions and progressing in this industry will purely be because of Gregs teaching, advice, opinion, fair judgment, honesty and passion for the actors he guides in his course. I was stuck in the mud and had no clue what to do, where to go in my career before coming across Gregs Self Taping School. You feel like a completely new and improved actor after going through training with Greg. You don't want the course to end! That's how good he is and how invested he is in providing the right knowledge and techniques to help you grow as an actor. Thank you Mr Apps, you are truly appreciated on my more
Tyrone Ngatai
Tyrone Ngatai
Had a fantastic 1 on 1 with Greg! I was struggling a bit with making the decision on what my next steps after graduating from acting school would be and Greg was really helpful with determining those.Thank you !read more
Ange Lina
Ange Lina
I had one on one mentoring with Greg. He helped me understand straight away how I could be marketing myself differently to gain traction in my acting career. He was engaging, perceptive and encouraging. Greg reviewed my reel and headshots thoroughly and made observations I'd entirely overlooked. I walked away with a strategy to take me to the next tier, I wish I'd met with Greg years ago! I can't wait to do the self taping school and highly recommend the mentoring to anyone wanting to take their acting career to the next more
Anita Barnes
Anita Barnes
I had heard of Greg years before TAT, I always wanted to meet him as I had heard that he tells it like it is and really cares for the actors. When I saw the 6 week self tape course appear on my FB feed there was no hesitation to book in. I was so EXCITED and can I just say... WOW! Greg has developed something very special for us, he gives so much of himself. His passion for the arts, and life shines through and is infectious. The knowledge he graciously, constructively delivers to you is worth it's weight in gold. He challenges your thinking to be a smarter actor to break through that glass ceiling and empower yourself. I completed the 6 week course and felt sadness that if i did not continue on I would greatly miss Greg's audio feedback files each week! I have now gone on to the Green Room and will continue as I am throughly enjoying working with Greg. Words simply cannot describe the joy I feel in the freedom of creatively finding myself and growing. If you want to be challenged and learn then look no further and take the plunge.. IT IS WORTH more
Jennifer Kerry Wu
Jennifer Kerry Wu
Recently had a one on one with Greg, the insight and audition prep was priceless. This is the school of thought all actors should have when auditioning. Can't praise this enough. As an actor who has struggled with delivering straight auditions over the years, this technique is more
Kieton Beilby
Kieton Beilby
I can't express how much I learned during The Audition Technique program. Not only did it teach me the technical elements, it gave me the freedom to offer myself in my auditions, instead of what I thought the casting directors would want. It taught me to trust my own instincts, rhythm, interpretation and timing instead of following the big print. And it works! I was cast straight off a self-tape in which I was free enough to improvised some moments. But the biggest takeaway from this program is an online family of supportive fellow actors - we celebrate, console and inspire each other. It's more
Lucy Sirr
Lucy Sirr
This course is revolutionary! I’ve learnt so many new things about self taping and myself and a new way to approach auditions and acting in general. Very thankful to Greg for his tips and tricks and to the Audition Technique community for the nurture and support. Highly more
Rachel Kamath
Rachel Kamath