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Why Self Taping School?

If you are like so many actors we talk to, who are not connecting to the Casting Directors, then you are not cutting through.

YOU need to create compelling self tests.

But how do you do that when you have been given 48 hours or less to learn the script, set your equipment up and create a character that pops.

More and more projects are looking globally for NEW (yes NEW) talent to present and cast.

If you can create a self tape that stands out, then you have a chance to be remembered and potentially cast. This must be the goal of every actor!


How can Self Taping School help you?

Each week you will be given a new selection of scenes to shoot and share with the group.

Each week you will be given personal feedback & mentoring by Casting Director Greg Apps, to not only grow your confidence but empower you to create memorable self tapes.

Each week we expand on different auditioning genres – comedy, film & cable tv, prime time television etc.

Throughout the course we concentrate on your brand and your individual character traits that only YOU can bring to a character.

Each week new techniques and strategies are bought to light on your audition tapes.

Become a member of our private supportive and encouraging FaceBook family

Tune into the two live webinars and ask your questions live in the Q&A that follows directly after.

By the time Pilot season is in full swing you will have built, or expanded, your self tape library, helping your agent pitch you; or if you are seeking new representation you will now have a suite of tapes to showcase and get you seen.


Want more details? See below for breakdown of weekly genres as well as weekly course content.


Weekly Genres:

Each week you will deliver a self tape in a different genre with Greg providing his personal feedback straight to your inbox:

Week One

Auditioning for Prime Time Television

Week Two

Auditioning for Soap Opera Television

Week Three

Auditioning for Romantic Comedy

Week Four

Auditioning for Comedy

Week Five

Auditioning for Film & Cable Television

Week Six

Your Brand Week

Lesson Modules:

Lesson 1 – The possibilities of Self Taping

How has the digital world changed a Casting Directors day and how can actors insert themselves into his or her world? Learn how a self tape communicates and gives the actor creative control.

Lesson 2 – Think like a Casting Director

Stop thinking like an actor and get into the head of a Casting Director and make a lasting impression. What is the Casting Director judging you on? What makes you stand out? We’ll teach you how to cut through the noise and stand out in decision maker’s minds.

Lesson 3 – Targets & goals

What do you do if the Casting Director knows you but doesn’t get you in for a role you are perfect for? Learn how to encourage these decision makers to give you another opportunity. We’ll show you how to use self tapes to build your character repertoire.

Lesson 4 – The best character qualities

Are movie stars the best actors? If it is not their ability that gets them noticed and keeps them in work then what does? Do they have a magic formula? Discover the best character qualities which help actors make a connection.

Live Q&A #1 – Webinar with Greg Apps

Ask Greg Apps, an experienced actor and casting director your burning audition and industry-related questions.

Lesson 6 – Make your character decisions

This lesson will show you how to simplify your entire audition without relying on the script. What is your version of the audition character? Greg Apps provides critical insight into capturing this character.

Lesson 7 – Magic Moments & Rhythm

We help you capture those ‘wow’ moments in a bottle and deliver it in an audition. Learn about magic moments and how to avoid conformity in your auditions.

Lesson 8 – Motivations & Distractions

We help mould your motivations within the audition scene as well as exploring natural distractions that help you stand out from the crowd. Learn why the punctuation is less important than other elements within the script.

Lesson 9 – Your Brand: Part 1

Greg Apps knows what casting directors are looking for and can teach you how to best present yourself. This lesson we teach you how to build your career playing one character and how to deliver your niche. Learn how to recognise your character traits and to embrace them.

Lesson 10 – Research & Unscripted Selfies

What is the difference between a studio self test and an unscripted selfie? Here we learn about what your character needs to portray and how you get that in front of the Casting Director. We also discuss your agent and what they are selling. How has the digital age affected their day?

Lesson 11 – Your Brand: Part 2

It’s time to build your brand. Why does this casting director need to choose you and how do you deliver what they are looking for? We help discover and guide your presentation for the better.

Lesson 12 – Status & Relationships

How does status relate to you as an actor? Learn how to substitute your real life relationships and how you relate that to your character. We show you how to deliver a compelling relationship between you and your reader.

Lesson 13 – Your Brand: Part 3

You have now developed your communications tools for specific times and genres. How do you leverage your new found ability through your agent? If you don’t have an agent, no problem. We can help you with that too. You’re ready to sell yourself.

Live Q&A #2 – Webinar with Greg Apps

Greg advises you to take what you’ve learned so far and helps you make the best audition choices possible.

Lesson 14 – Character Clues – Fine Tuning

Casting directors are trained to notice the subtleties. We help you fine tune what you’ve learnt to create a persona decision makers want to see again and again.

Lesson 15 – Course Summary

This lesson ties all your skills you have learned over the 6 weeks. You now have the skills to explore and build your career in order to move forward. We summarise all our self-taping audition tips, to ensure you’re ready to deliver your best, when the time comes.

Other Features Include…

Member Dashboard

Access to all course content via your own member dashboard page.

Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group to stay up-to-date with the course, connected to your fellow classmates and The Audition Technique team.

Vimeo Group

Access to a private Vimeo group where all participants post their self tapes.

Graduate Perks

Access to special graduate memberships and groups.

Devised and delivered by Australia’s most experienced Casting Director, Greg Apps.
You will be shown how to deliver auditions from the Casting Directors perspective.

Our course intake will be available soon.

$549 Full Payment; or
$97/wk Part-payment Plan

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Pay by Instalments – $AUD97

Our Testimonials:

“On set today up in the Sunshine Coast. Felt compelled to tell two quick stories about how spot on Greg’s teaching is. I had self tests for two productions I’ve been cast in in the past week. The big print in the script for this shoot called for anger and shouting. I switched it to laughing and I dropped the lines where I was meant to be physically fighting. I was told today that they saw mine first and felt they didn’t need to watch the others. Second production had a character with one line. Big print had him enter kitchen and stare out of window. I gave him actions and created a depressed character with physicality. 5 people on set told me how much my character stood out. That’s again Greg”
– Stephen Walker – October ‘18

“I would definitely recommend Greg App’s 6-Week Self Taping Workshop to any actor who feels a little stuck or limited by auditions/self tapes. Greg really helped me take ownership of my tapes, freeing me up and making me feel more confident about bringing my whole self to my work. He gives personalised, specific and accurate feedback to you each week, along with video lessons and webinars, all of which I found super helpful! 5/5 .”
– Genevieve Kent – September ‘18

“Ultimately, casting directors spend more time with me in the room and best of all I continue to find unexplored territory through individuality by, as Greg always says: ‘allowing the character to deliver the dialogue.”
– Stephen Horst – October ‘18

“Has there been any great advice you have gotten about working as an actor?
MILES: Greg Apps from The Audition Technique told me, “for an actor the character is king, long live the king.” As a result creating unique unpredictable characters give me life. Thank you Greg.”
– Miles Mussenden
Series regular in Marvels hit series ‘Cloak & Dagger’ says in an online interview.

“I had a meeting/ audition 2 weeks ago for a role in a new BBC adaptation of the satirical comedy decline and fall by Evelyn Waugh.I took what Greg Apps had said in his last feed back character and decided the combination of my build with the lightness of touch would create a different character .
I have to say once again Greg proved right! I was offered the role today.
I am playing a new dark macabre character!”
– Jack Brady

“Self Taping School was the key contributing course that radically impacted my Acting Career. Starting out with zero technical knowledge of Self Taping, over the 6 weeks, I completely reversed that and became a much more confident and capable artist. Today, several years later, I have just completed the final episode of my award winning web series, working as an Actor, Director, Co-Writer and Producer. STS was the spark that ignited my courage to not only reach my potential as an Actor, but to journey out further as a content creator. I could never have dreamed to have come this far. It is completely due to the mindset and skills that are offered in STS.”
– Cam Faull

I just love how confident & comfortable I feel when doing an audition self tape these days!

– Suzie Sparkes

I love it, you are an industry gem! Watching other people’s self tapes and listening to your feedback, I constantly have lightbulb moments.

– Madeliene Whitehead

I truly believe the Audition technique and Greg Apps have revolutionised my acting process……..I learned so much as na actress and my confidence levels skyrocketed…. In one way or another this course will change your life…….

– Genevieve Brock

This has been honestly the best acting course I have taken. Not only does Greg empower you with a to do it yourself attitude…… but he also helps you see the other side that we so blindly miss (The CD’s viewpoint). His audition technique is 200% worth taking. You’ll be surprised at the performances you can produce. Thank you Greg.

– Albert Miana

The Self Taping School is nothing short of remarkable. It felt more like individual coaching than an online course. The feedback and mentoring along the journey is personal, honest and empowering. What’s more I have enhanced my industry networking across the globe and made some great and supportive contacts. in short. I will never self tape the same way again.

– Stephen Walker

Where do I even start? Words cannot fully express the extent to which I owe Greg my thanks.I can’t recommend this course enough……..Ultimtaley for those wasting time looking at reviews of a brilliant course STOP WASTING TIME. SIGN UP NOW!

– Taylor Buoro

Our course intake will be available soon.

$529 Full Payment; or
$94/wk Part-payment Plan

Incl GST


Pay by Instalments – $AUD97

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