The Audition Technique helps educate actors in screen acting auditions.

Casting Director Greg Apps, has seen hundreds of thousands of auditions over his 38 years in casting, and finds it disheartening for a Casting Director to see talented actors stumble at the audition block.

Here at The Audition Technique he shares his insights.

Greg has seen there are two key stages to the audition.

Stage one is to get the audition opportunity.

Stage two is to execute it memorably.

At The Audition Technique we cover:

– Nerves

– Auditions and Meetings

– Networking (Connecting) in the Digital Age

– Self Taping

– Mentoring

…and loads more

Our actors have gone from not being seen for roles, to booking lead roles in Feature Films as well as booking series regular roles in world class productions around the world.

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If you are ready to realise your full potential as an actor ……….

Then welcome to the Audition Technique. We look forward to being your partner on your journey to success!

In over 38 years of casting, I have seen some truly memorable performances in my audition room. Yes, five mesmerising auditions.

One was Eric Bana in his audition for Chopper “..a star making performance” NY Times.

One was Hugo Weaving for “The Interview” “Weaving has never done such complex, subtle, powerful work”

And the other three unforgettable actor auditions ….. did not get the part.

I have seen so many great actors, deliver fabulous work. And their performance was not enhanced by editing, music or other film processes.

They were an audition. One shot. The actor on screen on their own for the entire length of the scene. That is the true test of actor’s ability.

Ability is not the key to creating and delivering a memorable character.

Trust your inner instinct to deliver a memorable audition.

But a majority of actors (and alas drama teachers), do not appreciate that to succeed on screen you do not need technique. You need individuality.

Which is what The Audition Technique is all about. On screen, rules must be broken. On stage, they must be obeyed.

The thinking and mind set required to be an in demand screen actor is not known by many. We would like to share it with you.

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Greg Apps

created The Audition Technique.

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Robyn Gibbes

What makes us different?

  • Different Ideas

    Our training is delivered by a full time working Casting Director.

  • Online at home

    We utilize the full suite of digital tools. Which means you have more freedom when and where you learn.

  • You’re da Boss

    By combining the skills of social media, and by self taping your own auditions, you control what they see.


What makes us different?

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