Pilot Season Boot Camp 2017

The least creative experience of your acting journey is auditioning.

It is this experience that makes or breaks an actor’s career.

You must connect to the Casting Director in a way that they want to see more of you.

Learn how to deliver your best tapes and make the most of your audition opportunities this Pilot Season.


Problems Faced By Actors

Becoming a celebrated actor is an arduous journey. The attraction has drawn in many, yet one of the initial barriers has stopped multiple dead in their tracks…. Auditions.

Desire and passion are great and powerful things, but they mean nothing if an aspiring actor can’t break through the barrier of auditions. Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into the trap of routine when it comes to auditions, becoming stagnant in delivery and technique. The Audition Technique, spearheaded by former actor and long-time casting director Greg Apps are here to guide you past this hurdle and teach you how to self tape for success.

Your main problem as an actor is not being seen by decision makers. The people who can make a difference to your career.

One of the biggest problems facing actors is their inability to connect with casting directors, the decision makers. They go through multiple clones of your character in a day, so making your interpretation stand out is a must. Online acting classes from Greg Apps and The Audition Technique can make that happen.

How do we fix these problems?

How can The Audition Technique’s Pilot Season Boot Camp help you?

Weekly Self Taping

So, you’ve got some acting lessons under your belt and a passion for the craft. Naturally, an audition is your next step! But, you may require something more to push you over the line and into your first big role. Self tapes, just like a showreel, are a great way to show casting directors your skills.

Personal Feedback from Greg Apps

Our 6-week boot camp isn’t just about getting you through the door with a few handy tips and tricks. With The Audition Technique, you’re not handed off to some random employee; you will receive personalised feedback from Greg Apps weekly. How can you be the best in acting if you don’t learn from the best?

6 Weeks of Content

There’s no shortchanging present in this 6-week online acting course. We have 6 weeks worth of industry breaking content ready to deliver to you. This includes two live Q&A’s with Greg Apps and The Audition Technique experts where you can rattle their brains and receive helpful self-taping acting audition tips.

Video Lessons

Receive the best insight and advice via online acting classes from professionals who are actually involved in the industry. Greg Apps and his team aren’t peering into the acting world; they’re a part of it! The Audition Technique can provide you with unique insights and performance challenges that help aspiring actors breakthrough the audition process.

We can also offer:

  • A member dashboard: Access to all course content through a member dashboard page.
  • Access to a private Facebook page which has course updates and allows you to connect with your peers.
  • Access to a private Vimeo page to post your self tapes.
  • Access to special graduate and membership groups.

Structured Acting Lesson Plan

Lesson 1
The possibilities of Self Taping for Pilot Season

Self taping is an opportunity not just to put those online acting classes to use, but a way of refining your own acting techniques, The Audition Technique will show you how with their online acting course.

Lesson 2
Thinking like a Casting Director

Get in the head of a casting director and make a lasting impression. We’ll teach you how to cut through the noise and stand out in decision maker’s minds.

Lesson 3
Targets and goals – character exploration

Self taping is an opportunity to try out different genres, venture into the unknown and make it familiar territory. We’ll show you how to self tape and build your character repertoire.

Lesson 4
The best character qualities in casting

What’s a casting director looking for? Discover the best character qualities which help actors make a connection with the decision makers.

Live Q&A #1
Webinar with Greg Apps

Ask Greg Apps, an experienced actor and casting director your burning audition and industry-related questions.

Lesson 5
Traps of the audition space

Falling at the first hurdle? The Audition Technique will help you dodge the traps that actors fall into time and time again during acting auditions.

Lesson 6
Make your character decisions

You can’t learn everything you need to know about a character from a script. Greg Apps provides critical insight into capturing your character.

Lesson 7
Magic Moments & Rhythm

We help you capture those ‘wow’ moments in a bottle and deliver it in an audition. Inspiration, innovation and improvisation beyond what you learnt in other acting courses.

Lesson 8
Motivations & Distractions

What do you want to get out of acting? The Audition Technique helps mould your motivations into actions while providing unique ways of removing distractions.

Lesson 9
Your Brand: Part 1

You need to sell yourself! Greg Apps knows what casting directors are looking for and can teach you how to present yourself.

Lesson 10
Research & Unscripted Selfies for Pilot Season

Getting to know yourself and your character – then bringing the two together. We teach you to script spontaneity for your next film or TV audition.

Lesson 11
Your Brand: Part 2

It’s time to build your brand. Why does this casting director need to choose you? The Audition Technique guide your presentation for the better.

Lesson 12
Status & Relationships

Build your character on and off the stage. The Audition Technique prepare you for the scrutiny of acting.

Live Q&A #2
Webinar with Greg Apps

Greg Apps advises you to take what you’ve learned so far and helps you sculpt it to make the best audition choices possible.

Lesson 13
Your Brand: Part 3

You’re ready to sell yourself. Use The Audition Techniques advice to refine your delivery and create a distinctive contender; not just another clone in the audition space.

Lesson 14
Character Clues – Fine Tuning

Casting directors are trained to notice the subtleties. We help you fine tune what you’ve learnt in online acting lessons to create a persona decision makers want to see again.

Lesson 15
Summary: Hints & Tips for Pilot Season and beyond

Pilot Season is just around the corner, and you have the tools to nail your acting audition. We summarise the self-taping audition tips to ensure you’re ready.

Greg Apps and The Audition Technique

Greg Cut Out SquareGreg Apps has been a casting director for over 30 years, so if anyone knows what it takes to impress in an audition, it’s him. He’s also been an actor and understands what it’s like to be on the other side of the line.

Greg has cast over 70 films and numerous television shows, including giving Eric Bana, Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce their start in the industry. He’s passionate about discovering new talent and helping actors make a start for themselves using personal online acting courses.

The Audition Technique provides online acting lessons which give aspiring actors the confidence they need to make an audition their own. With the guidance of Greg Apps and his unique insights into the industry, multiple actors have acquired the techniques necessary to break through the audition barrier.

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