What is your definition of failure?

It’s an emotional minefield for actors because you are being rejected constantly in terms of your agent puts you up for that role, that series, didn’t get an audition. Or you get an audition, didn’t get the part.

I want you to reassess your criteria of failure. If you were a salesman, you won’t think that every time you pitch your product or every time you pick up the phone to a client you are going to make a sale.

What you do is you plan to get to point where, when you pick up the phone, you’re not expecting to make sale, you’re planning to make a sale somewhere in the next 6-12 months.

I want your understanding to be that when you connect to decision makers in your career that ‘getting the part’ is not the criteria of success or failure.

Your criteria should of success should be judged on whether you left a lasting memory or not. The goal is to be seen again, because if you are seen again, you will succeed.

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