Learn from your lounge room in your pyjamas

Nearly every drama course is done in a cold acting workshop room. Maybe a theatre. Where else can you get acting tips and audition advice?

Right here at The Audition Technique. Our courses are designed to be done in your own home. So yes, you can do the lessons in your pyjamas!

As an actor, have you done a self test audition before? As in, have you been asked to do your own audition, in your home? Probably yes.

Therefore, it makes total sense to take an acting course in this way. To learn how to engage with the decision makers digitally. Online.

In effect, you are speaking to Casting Directors not face to face. But by dropping your work – your audition – into their inbox.

As a creative, it so easy to procrastinate. Not because we’re lazy but simply because we just don’t have enough hours in the day. But as an actor who wants to be successful, you know and understand that you need to constantly be working at your craft.

Your acting agent is not able to help you. You must get out and create opportunities. Follow opportunities.

Just because you graduated from drama school does not mean you know everything there is to know. Far from it!

There are a myriad of actor workshops you can be doing, and all of them have their merits, but where can you get training from an a awarded working Casting Director and study in your pyjamas from your lounge room?

This is where The Audition Technique comes in.

In our unique Self Taping School audition course, Individual lessons are drip fed into your inbox each week from one of Australia’s most recognized Casting Directors.

Each week, having viewed your lessons in your own time, you self tape and then you get personal feedback. Greg Apps will personally mentor and guide you for every one of your audition tapes for the entire 6 weeks.

It is not a drama course. It is an audition boot camp. It will show you how to nail your self test opportunity.

Because let’s face it, your next big opportunity will most likely come as a self test, rather than an audition in the room.

Learn to speak to Casting Directors without ever meeting them. If you are to succeed as an actor, it is your future.