Personal and weekly mentoring with Australia’s #1 Casting Director

OK, so you want to be an actor. You’ve taken various drama courses. You’ve done your workshops. Hey you may have even graduated from NIDA or another internationally recognised schools. But are you learning from people who have hands on experience? People that actually know what makes a difference to an actors audition?

We are different to every other drama course. There are a zillion acting tips and audition advice sites, that you most likely have read and done the workshops. But still you do auditions – great auditions – but do not book the job. Why?

Your problem is common. As an actor, all of your time and energy is devoted to being a better actor. But what you should aim to achieve, is to do better auditions. We have a saying at The Audition Technique. An audition is not acting. Huh?

Have you done a fabulous audition, and the people in the room were excited and enthusiastic about your work, but you didn’t book? Have you done an audition that did not go well. You stumbled over the lines. You were confused, nervous and flustered. And you got the part! It is not a mystery. We know the secrets. Because Greg Apps has cast over 80 feature films. He cast Russell Crowe in five of his early films – including his breakout role of Hando in Romper Stomper.

Greg Apps is one of Australia’s most successful Casting Directors – ‘Mission Impossible 2’ with Tom Cruise, ‘Queen of the Damned’ for Warners and ‘Knowing’ starring Nicolas Cage – are just three of his many feature film credits. Greg is still actively casting today from his Fox Studios office. He has created The Audition Technique. He not only reviews your weekly audition tapes but also personally guides you with private mentoring direct to your inbox every week. You learn about your personal brand and how Casting Directors view you; the difference in auditioning for Soap Opera vs: cable tv and feature film casting; as well as mastering the qualities that make you ‘pop’ in the Casting Studio. And how ‘unscripted selfies’ are better than a CV or showreel.

In essence, we teach you how to think like a Casting Director.