Can I Self Test Without a Reader in the room?

It’s called the Digital Age!

One of the great actor dilemmas for a self test audition at short notice is who to get as your reader.

You may have the perfect actor friend to help you with your audition, but what if they are not available?

Or worse, they are auditioning for the same part!

Your acting agent may help.

In a world where an online audition is an easy thing for a Casting Director to request, this will happen more and more.

We had a member from the Northern Territory, and another one from Germany. Both were from isolated communities where it was impossible to find someone who could read opposite. At short notice.

With the help of the digital age both were able to read for each other in their individual screen tests.

Self testing is here to stay. And as it grows, more and more auditions will be done at short notice.

Our courses shows you how easy it is to be prepared. As a graduate of one of our courses, you join the private TAT Graduate Facebook page.

You can connect with members from all over the world by joining a community of like minded actors who are there to support and encourage you during and after the course.

In fact we have students from 2 years ago (we have only been going 2 years!) who have gone on and formed co op groups together, made films together and started production companies.

The Audition Technique encourages collaboration in a creative family.

You feel comfortable and supported – which is such a rare feeling for an actor. Especially at that crucially stressful time of preparing an audition. For a role you desperately want!

It’s a family that supports and encourages without ever judging!