Conquering Nerves in the Audition Space.

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Your audition goal is to know your lines backwards and to deliver your character with confidence. It’s all very well to know them backwards at home with your rehearsal partner.

But what happens the moment you walk into that audition studio?

Nerves kick in. The lines are no longer there and you lose those hours of rehearsal. That great performances has disappeared!

But how do you get those lines back in your head, stop the nerves, and do the cracking audition you know you are capable of?

We have done a lot of research in neuroscience and spoken to psychologists about the impact of nerves. Coupled with our experience both in front and behind the cameras, we have come up with a range of strategies that will help you combat those nerves.

Over all the years of being actors ourselves and being in the audition room, we have seen too many great performances fall into puddles on the floor.

We believe if you stick to our principles you will deliver the real you. The confident you. The actor in you that can deliver the consummate audition.



What will you get from this video course?

Lesson 1 - Duration: 06m 59s
Nothing is more terrifying than the audition space for an actor.

In this course we cannot cure your nerves but we can give you some secrets learned from all the actors we have seen in the audition space.

The first step to controlling your nerves is to prepare your thoughts, prepare what you may ask. In this lesson we share with you one simple way to prepare.

Lesson 2 - Duration: 07m 07s
What are conversation starters and how do you engage them in the correct way?

What makes nerves evident and how do you hide these symptoms?

We have 5 easy tips to hide these symptoms of nerves.

When you are nervous do you have a case of verbal diarrhea? We teach you how to start conversations and contribute to them without being tongue tied and feeling less competent than you actually are.

Lesson 3 - Duration: 06m 05s
Audition Day should be celebration day, but so often audition day is ‘fear’ day!

Here we take you through the journey of an actor on audition day and how best to combat the nerves from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you walk out of that audition room.

Our 4 simple steps will help prepare you in a way that nerves are a thing of the past!

Lesson 4 - Duration: 11m 48s
Taking our lead from the last lesson we walk you through the various techniques and engagements to make your audition enjoyable. Did we say an audition can be enjoyable?

Yes it can. You just need to know how to make it so and know what we are looking for in your specific audition. We teach you that with the right research you cannot only help your nerves but with the information you have learned helps inform your character. Knowledge is everything.

Lesson 5 - Duration: 09m 55s
There is a very valuable aspect to the audition process that so many actors overlook and ignore.

But ignore this at your own peril!

Remember, when we ask you to audition for us, we are not just testing you for the character but there is something else at stake here. The more you can humanize the relationship between us, and reduce the status and imbalance of actor and CD, the more opportunities you will have.

Lesson 6 - Duration: 08m 18s
It’s all very well to have an opinion but there is a time and place for everything.

The audition studio is the right place and the wrong place.

You must understand how and when this works. Understand the fundamentals of having an opinion and not having an opinion. Get this wrong and you could upset the very people you are trying to impress. Remember impressions go a long way in this industry.

Lesson 7 - Duration: 11m 40s
As a wrap up, it is important not to allow the result of your audition / meeting to drive your thoughts and feelings.

Your objective is to enjoy the ride and be remembered.

This is difficult when the world we live in is so results driven. As most auditions are. But it is the experiences that are important, and most actors I believe lose sight of this when they get into that audition studio. How do we change your thinking?

Just $64.95AUD.

This course also includes downloadable worksheets that will help you immediately apply what you’ve learned.



As our ‘Opening Special’ The Actors Handbook Compilation (all 3 x courses) can be purchased for $AUD119.95 ($AUD39 each).

Normally $AUD199.95 ($AUD64.95).

Our ‘Opening Special’ includes:

1 x Bonus webinar
1 x Bonus Podcast
3 x Months membership to the exclusive Club TAT