What are your plans for 2018? Not hopes or dreams. Plans.

Are you happy with your resume? Does it deliver clear concise details of your ability and potential?

Do you have an important audition that you need a bit of help with?

To choose an actor’s life is to follow a path of uncertainty. Your destiny is in the hands of others.

Then maybe some ONLINE, face to face, personal time with Greg Apps can help clear things for you.

Greg is the first working Casting Director who has put his knowledge and abilities online for actors to speak to him from around the world.


Greg imparts his knowledge gleaned from over 100,000 auditions in the last 37 years of casting.



Book a time with Greg to learn more about how the Digital Age affects you the actor.


Greg is best known for discovering such actors as Russell Crowe, Eric Bana, Jacqueline McKenzie, Rachel Griffiths, Guy Pearce amongst many others.

His films include Mission Impossible, Chopper, Other Life etc.

Greg is a working Casting Director today and has over 3 series and 5 feature films on his slate for this year alone.







Greg is more than a Casting Director speaking to you as an actor.

He is your Life Coach.

A Life Coach for actors.


To stand out as an actor, you must find and cultivate your individuality. Greg can help you find yours. Cultivate what makes you memorable.

Because that is the key to actor success.

He understands the frustrations you are going through. His experience as an actor for over 10 years and his life behind the camera in both casting and producing has given him the ability to see life from all sides of the industry.

This, mixed with his innate ability to cut through and see where the problems lie in an actors career, puts him above and beyond any other acting coach – both in a workshop situation and online.



Greg has seen hundreds of thousands of actor’s head shots and resumes. He can advise you on what stands out and what makes CD’s and agents take note.

He goes straight to the point by showing you the best strategies for displaying your work.

Is your head shot doing its job? If not, why not?

Is your show reel presenting you in the right light? Is it long enough? Too long?


There are so many questions with actor head shots and show reels today and they are all due to actors not understanding or appreciating the difference the Digital Age has made for actors.


Book a time with Greg to learn more about how the Digital Age affects you the actor.


(**Note: demo reel advice is only available in the 40 minute session)



Our Testimonials:

"The personal, constructive feedback Greg gives is straight to the point and full of simple ways to not only improve your work, but how to use the work created in the course to progress your career."
- Ally Ritchie
"Greg breaks down barriers between actors and casting directors, generating more confidence in the audition room with greater results"
- Tristan McKinnon
"For actors living in remote areas who don’t have access to training and auditions, it is a great opportunity for them to learn auditioning and marketing techniques"
- Samantha Skelton
"I find Greg’s lessons and critiques in the workshops to be clear and applicable. It’s great to have someone open up the mysterious and misunderstood world of casting with such generosity"
- Cam Faull
"This way of working makes auditioning a creative effort. Also, Greg´s cheerful manners and charm make the six weeks a complete joy."
- Pontus Olgrim
"The self taping course is without doubt one of the best courses I have done to date. I finished the six weeks not only with a new skill set, but with a sense of purpose and focus with respect to my acting. Highly recommended."
- Katrina Gow