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The Green Room

  • Post Graduate Course to Self Taping School
  • Monthly mentoring from Greg Apps
  • Monthly live webinar with Q&A
  • In depth Interviews with todays ‘Decision Makers’ including: Actors, Directors, Casting Directors, Costume Designers, Makeup Artists, Photographers
  • Private Face Book Graduates page offering support and encouragement from all past graduates.
  • Graduates are encouraged and supported to start their own projects by forming alliances with other graduates.


*You can only have access to this if you’re an STS graduate.
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Every month we encourage and help you find the roles to book more projects.

We show you how to connect the principles from Self Taping School to your brand.

We help you choose the right scene and to choose the right person to target.

We show you how to target the right character with the right Casting Director for the right project.

We teach you how to be proactive in a competitive world giving you personal ongoing encouragement and support.

Our private Face Book page for graduates of all Self Taping Courses is the platform to have like minded supportive encouragement from your peers.

Learn to collaborate and create opportunities with other graduates – Share ideas, get together and form your own working team, ultimately creating your own projects.

We have many graduates who have created their own digital content capturing characters they were born to play.


*You can only have access to this if you’re an STS graduate.
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Our Testimonials:

"I recently had a one on one with Greg and I was surprised at how perceptive he was. He doesn't miss much. He was generous with his time and knowledge and upfront with honest advice about my headshots, resume and showreel. I also thought his advice about my potential niche in this industry was spot on and aligned with my own thinking. I reckoned I would have had to travel to Mt Olympus for an audience with the gods to get this sort of feedback. Got it instead, direct with Greg, via online video. Terrific value."
- Don Smith
"Few days ago I did a 1:1 session with Greg to find out how to develop further as an actor. Not only as an artist, but also from the marketing point of view. I am exited about the easy-to-do tipps and advices Greg gave me and which I started to follow already. So I do recommend this 1:1 sessions deep from my heart to every actor. A real highly efficient "AHA experience""
- Herbert Forthuber
"I would definitely recommend Greg App's 6-Week Self Taping Workshop to any actor who feels a little stuck or limited by auditions/self tapes. Greg really helped me take ownership of my tapes, freeing me up and making me feel more confident about bringing my whole self to my work. He gives personalised, specific and accurate feedback to you each week, along with video lessons and webinars, all of which I found super helpful! 5/5 😀👍"
- Genevieve Kent
"Greg Apps offers generous insights into alternative ways to approach an audition, this is a rare opportunity for performers to hear what captures the attention of a Director, Casting Director, Producer and reconsider their own technique. Insightful, helpful and well worth watching on a weekly basis."
- David Jobling
"The personal, constructive feedback Greg gives is straight to the point and full of simple ways to not only improve your work, but how to use the work created in the course to progress your career."
- Ally Ritchie
"Greg breaks down barriers between actors and casting directors, generating more confidence in the audition room with greater results"
- Tristan McKinnon