Creating Compelling Characters

Starts 15th October

What makes an actor truly great?

Your job as an actor is to bring scripted characters to life and make them live & breathe.

Sure, you as an actor can take on various attributes of a person, copy them, then mixed with your drama school technique, you deliver a character.

But is that character 3 dimensional? Or is it just paint by numbers? Ready to be delivered for the next soap opera?

Creating Compelling Characters gives you the steps, the tools and the skills to make your characters multi dimensional so that they breathe life into the script. It is a ‘how to guide’ in creating memorable screen characters.

CCC is open to all, but it is possibly better suited to established actors rather than beginners.

In this course, students will be taken through the myriad of steps to create their own characters, record them and distribute them.

By the end of the course you will have captured one of the roles you were born to play and have the steps and tools to create others.