The actor and casting director relationship is flawed.

Because it is so out of balance –especially in an audition.

How do you speak to a casting director?

What do they want to hear?

What can you say that allows you to come across as sensible and considered…. And not the nervous perhaps even agitated wreck that you feel inside.

There is a common understanding in marketing. Touch, don’t sell.

Because let͛s face it, that is what you are doing. You are building brand recognition with the casting director. You are hoping they know you, like you, and think about you, when they are choosing actors for an audition session.

And that they think of you at the right time. When they are casting a role you are right for.

So what is a touch? A touch can be as simple as re tweeting one of their tweets. Liking a facebook post (if you can get access to their page).

A touch is also every time I see your headshot. Or you are submitted by your agent for a role.

So in reality, I am touched by you, by every actor, more often than you realise. So why are you not getting more opportunity?

It is because the connection, the touch, the communication is saying the wrong thing.

Most actors, when given the opportunity to connect with me try and say:

  1. I am an actor (and I know that)
  2. I am a really good actor (which in my opinion is not as important as, I am a really good actor for roles with vulnerability, or testosterone). Because if you can say that, then you are empowering me to think of you at the RIGHT time
  3. And I was wondering if you have any auditions for me at the moment? (Which is what you really want to say, isn’t it?)

Put simply, most actors say to me “I am an Actor.”

You say that with your actor headshot (which makes you look like an actor and not an individual).

You say that by only talking about acting around me (hey, I am human, I support a footy team, I have a passion for good food).

Which means, you will connect to me far more effectively if you tell me about a great restaurant, a new bar, a new art gallery opening, than if you talk about you. Or your work. Or your last role.

Strive to deliver individuality, rather than commitment to acting. Because the fact is, I know you are committed to acting, I know you can act and I know you want an audition.

What I don’t know is what makes you… You

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