How many photographs do you think you need?

You need your ‘one’ as your actor headshot don’t you? Because it makes you look professional and probably in that session with the photographer you’re going to end up with say three or four that you pull out.

It’s not like the old days where you had to print the photographs so it was in your hand. These days photos are delivered online aren’t they?

So how many photographs do you need? The thing is about the digital age.. (and the images you take on a humble iPhone are fantastic, great resolution) I think you need lots. Because that’s the way you communicate to me.

You tell me, if I’m a casting director who casts projects like The Killing or The Wire or True Detective, it’s a different kind of photo you’d be sending me than if you were trying to get in to House of Cards, Sex In The City, Home & Away, day time TV. They’re different photos, they’re different mediums, different genres.

It’s a different form of communication that you need with that casting director and if I don’t know you, if you don’t have a body of work that is known to me, then that is what I’m judging you on. Your photo.

Think about photos as a piece of communication in a digital world.

That’s the opportunity actors are being given now. But you’ve got to think about it and act on it!

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