When you watch daytime TV do you think “OMG I could do a much better job than that actor!” Well, of course you could.

Why? Because the main considerations that casting directors use to cast soaps and daytime, do not necessarily include ‘are they a good actor?͛

Indeed, acting skills are preferred rather than mandatory.

Watching daytime TV, or soap operas, takes a special skill. Ridiculous things happen to characters and the audience is asked to go along with it. Because the audience welcomes the outrageous events. They celebrate them.

But these unexpected events, are seldom unexpected.

And this is the clue to what you need to deliver in an audition for soap opera.

I have seen top actors perform in soap opera and in that format, that genre, their skill, and expertise is washed away by the simplicity of the dialogue and the relationships. They are homogenised.

Here is how you must calibrate your performance:

  1. Look your best. Soap operas (like TV Commercials) make their casting decisions on the look of the person. The first decision on actor’s suitability is how they look.
  2. In soaps, the good guys are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys. Performances are not subtle, complex, or multi layered. They are direct and uncomplicated. The opposite is true for high end drama (cable series and feature films).
  3. One of the significant factors in casting soaps is to find an actor who is a team player. The show is bigger than the individual actor. So you need to find common ground with all the people in the room. Use your charm. Win them over.

In short, you are going to deliver a performance that is accessible, and likeable with a liberal dose of energy. Intensity and internalisation are not advised.

The key to succeed with auditions for daytime TV is to deliver appeal. How you do that, is up to the individual. But your main goal is to be liked, rather than multi dimensional or

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