I’ve spoken in the past about individuality and many of you now and going to say ‘he’s not banging on about individuality again is he?’ well no, but what I want to explain to you is what is your strong suit as an actor? What are the qualities that brand you as an actor?

The point is there are some casting directors who are casting cable TV and independent feature films and they’re looking for that individuality aren’t there?

There’s others that cast day-time TV and TVCs, they’re not looking for individuality they’re looking for good looks.

There’s others that cast major studio pictures and they’re looking for a high profile. You better get yourself a good Twitter feed.

The point I’m making is that you can think about and establish exactly what pitch you make to a casting director based on their previous work. That’s the thinking you need to employ. That’s the journey you need to go on, not just to be a better actor, but to be a smarter actor.

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