So I sit here and watch all the self tapes that come in.

And to show anger what I find is most actors look at the reader and pitch that anger out. It’s an explosion of anger.

It’s almost like the more explosive they can be, the bigger the reaction, the more impact they’ll have. And yes probably because I’ll go ‘waaywoow’, so it had impact.

Think about this for a second. If you’ve got a scene which has ‘He explodes with anger’ or one of those lines with loads of exclamation marks like ‘What?!!’

Rather than explode with anger as I think lots of actors do because they run to the big and the bold confrontation.. What would happen if you imploded with anger?

What if you imploded rather than exploded?

I say this because the camera sees it. Not only does the camera see it, I see it. I see it again and again. And it’s actors trying to take an eyeline to reader and pitch out.

Whereas I think the actors gently goes ‘What? What do you mean?’

Next time you have anger to deliver, don’t explode, implode.

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