I have this theory about acting and auditions. For movies. For the big screen. (More about TV later).

With great dancers, performing with effortless grace, we can imagine they did not get choreographed. They seem to do it without thought or concentration: naturally, without planning or thought.

For el supremo musicians, singers, and painters it is the same. The great ones deliver their creative skill as a natural extension of their natural self.

It is self expression.

When you sit in the cinema, the joy of great acting, from great actors, is that we have no idea what is about to happen. Indeed, the very special film actors make us think that there was never a script in the first place!

What I am suggesting is not easy. In your next audition, I urge you to find a rhythm in your delivery, in your character, that is unique to you. Only then are you able to deliver something that is unexpected. You have made us sit up and take notice– in a crowded days of auditions, when most actors deliver the rhythm of the page.

The metronome like beat of an actor who has developed their technique to be fool proof. They know exactly what to deliver.

They have prepared the delivery,
rather than preparing the character.

They know what they are going to say, and how they are going to say it well before the moment arrives. And usually it is a version that obeys the page.

Yes, obeys.

If you prepare the delivery, your audition is doomed from the start. Prepare the character and only then master the lines. Now when you speak, what you say and how you say it, will be in character.

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