Me. Me. Me.

I was given a t-shirt with this written on it by my family. They mistakenly believe that I believe it is all about me.

In an audition session though, the actors enter with unblinkered focus on their audition. They have this hyped intensity about the performance they are about to deliver.


But my advice to you is this: if the majority of actors are entering the audition solely focused on the performance, the dialogue, then I believe the actor who enters and creates an environment that is engaging rather than self-centered will stand out.

The trick is to not make the audition all about you!

If you can create a moment in a packed audition day for the Casting Director; where you can give them a special unexpected moment, you will be remembered.

From my experience in the room, there are many actors who enter the casting space with the sole purpose of delivering their audition.

Their expectation being the depth of their performance, the quality of their audition will win the day.

Maybe. Many times– maybe not!

There are so many good actors. In my experience, there are very few people we reject on the basis of “they are not good enough, they cannot do the role”.

Which means, that if you are in the casting session, we know you CAN do the role. What we are deciding is ‘what can you bring to the role?’

In this case, the thing that makes you memorable is your individuality. Your uniqueness.

As an actor your job is to understand what makes you memorable, how to execute your uniqueness and indicate it (not show it!) to the Casting Director.

There are many ways to do this– some work and some fail miserably!  It’s about understanding the process and giving the Casting Director what he is looking for at the right time.

P.S: The Me Me Me t-shirt? Of course it is all about me. I am a Casting Director after all 🙂

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