This may surprise you, but when we cast a movie or a series, we spend more time talking and meeting rather than auditioning.

What do we say? Lots of things. We spend talking about the character and actors.

Usually I will present a list of names. In the old days, I would provide photos and resumes of each actor.

But that is no longer necessary. When a name comes up that the director or producer does not know, they reach for the iPad, iPhone, Samsung – whatever – to look at what the internet has on this actor.

As an exercise, Google your name. Now search your name but ask for images. So these are the photos they use to consider you for the role.

At The Audition Technique, when we say that we empower you to use the tools of the digital age, this is just one part of the understanding you need.

In the past you and your agent controlled what the Casting Director sees.

But no longer. Unless you take control. And if you do, you can make sure the memory of you and your ability is controlled by you. And not Mr. Google.

PS: Now all you have to worry about is…. Can they spell your name?

… and, is your name so common that they find thousands of you?

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