Networking in the Digital Age.

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How do you meet Casting Directors/ Agents who do not know you? How do you have them take a meeting with you? Have them know you? Know the talent you have?

These opportunities are essential for your success. And now, with digital tools and social media, you can create these opportunities.

The digital age has given actors opportunities that they never had before.

No longer are you waiting on your agent to call to say “you’ve got an audition” or better still “you’ve got the job”.

Now is the time for actors to understand this new world order and to take responsibility to get yourself work. To work as a team with your agent.

If you do not grasp the opportunities that are now within reach ….. then someone else will!



What will you get from this video course?


What will you get from this video course?

Lesson 1 - Duration : 17m 25s
This is a course as much about you the actor and how to connect to the people who can make your career; as it is about marketing.

The marketing of you the actor in the digital age.

What is an elevator pitch and how does this relate to you as an actor?

Discover who your target person is and know how to pitch to them. If you don’t know who will buy your product then you don’t know who to sell to. Take our 3 easy steps to learn how to identify the Power brokers and how to influence them.

Lesson 2 - Duration: 12m 15s
Research is about connecting.

The more time you spend researching the more comfortable you will feel about reaching out.

But how do you this as an actor without saying “Hi I’m an actor?” Remember no one will give you a role in their project unless they know you. Learn how to make them know you without pissing them off! This part of the game is not easy! And there’s a lot more to it than the Decision Makers just knowing you. Here we give you the techniques for them to want to bring you in to audition you.

Lesson 3 - Duration: 09m 49s
It’s all very well to have done your research and to have met them, but how do you connect to them?

Genuinely, without being a sycophant and without being a nuisance?

And the first thing to learn is that you DO NOT tell them all about your experience and how wonderful you were in your last production. Learn how to approach individual Casting Directors and agents and have them wanting more of you and being memorable when you meet them.

Lesson 4 - Duration: 08m 52s
Acting and drama teachers tell you to be decisive in your choices but there is another way.

Another approach.

And how do you practice these newly found communication skills? There is an obvious audience and it’s not connected to the industry.

Drama teaches say you must be decisive in your audition choices, but there is another way. Learn what this is.

Lesson 5 - Duration: 09m 39s
How long should your email be to a Casting Director / an agent?

Should it contain a photo? Understanding these fundamentals can be the beginning or the end of a beautiful friendship.

Engaging in the digital age can so easily be misinterpreted. You must make sure you do it correctly.Remember, the aim for every actor is to be remembered. The right way. You must understand the fundamentals so you don’t get it wrong.

Lesson 6 - Duration: 06m 16s
Communicating with Decision Makers in a social situation can be daunting, but if you have your digital techniques down, then is should be easy.

There is an important goal in all your communications with Casting Directors & agents and it’s very simple. But it does take time and diligence.

How often do you connect with these people? Get this simple thing wrong and you may not ever have the opportunity of connecting face to face.

If you are serious about your career you must learn to be a consummate communicator.

Lesson 7 - Duration: 08m 31s
Once you have mastered the first two principles of connecting, it’s time to put the ultimate & final piece of the puzzle into the package.

Without this specific ingredient, no relationship can be truly sustainable. But before we go there, you need to know you have your actor tools nicely organized.

After all, you can fake relationships, but it is the meaningful ones, that are the ones that last. How do you have a meaningful relationship with the Decision Makers in this industry?

Just $64.95AUD.

This course also includes downloadable worksheets that will help you immediately apply what you’ve learned.



As our ‘Opening Special’ The Actors Handbook Compilation (all 3 x courses) can be purchased for $AUD119.95 ($AUD39 each).

Normally $AUD199.95 ($AUD64.95).

Our ‘Opening Special’ includes:

1 x Bonus webinar
1 x Bonus Podcast
3 x Months membership to the exclusive Club TAT