"I recently had a one on one with Greg and I was surprised at how perceptive he was. He doesn't miss much. He was generous with his time and knowledge and upfront with honest advice about my headshots, resume and showreel. I also thought his advice about my potential niche in this industry was spot on and aligned with my own thinking. I reckoned I would have had to travel to Mt Olympus for an audience with the gods to get this sort of feedback. Got it instead, direct with Greg, via online video. Terrific value."
- Don Smith
"Few days ago I did a 1:1 session with Greg to find out how to develop further as an actor. Not only as an artist, but also from the marketing point of view. I am exited about the easy-to-do tipps and advices Greg gave me and which I started to follow already. So I do recommend this 1:1 sessions deep from my heart to every actor. A real highly efficient "AHA experience""
- Herbert Forthuber
"I would definitely recommend Greg App's 6-Week Self Taping Workshop to any actor who feels a little stuck or limited by auditions/self tapes. Greg really helped me take ownership of my tapes, freeing me up and making me feel more confident about bringing my whole self to my work. He gives personalised, specific and accurate feedback to you each week, along with video lessons and webinars, all of which I found super helpful! 5/5 😀👍"
- Genevieve Kent
"Greg Apps offers generous insights into alternative ways to approach an audition, this is a rare opportunity for performers to hear what captures the attention of a Director, Casting Director, Producer and reconsider their own technique. Insightful, helpful and well worth watching on a weekly basis."
- David Jobling
"The personal, constructive feedback Greg gives is straight to the point and full of simple ways to not only improve your work, but how to use the work created in the course to progress your career."
- Ally Ritchie
"Greg breaks down barriers between actors and casting directors, generating more confidence in the audition room with greater results"
- Tristan McKinnon
"For actors living in remote areas who don’t have access to training and auditions, it is a great opportunity for them to learn auditioning and marketing techniques"
- Samantha Skelton
"I find Greg’s lessons and critiques in the workshops to be clear and applicable. It’s great to have someone open up the mysterious and misunderstood world of casting with such generosity"
- Cam Faull
"This way of working makes auditioning a creative effort. Also, Greg´s cheerful manners and charm make the six weeks a complete joy."
- Pontus Olgrim
"The self taping course is without doubt one of the best courses I have done to date. I finished the six weeks not only with a new skill set, but with a sense of purpose and focus with respect to my acting. Highly recommended."
- Katrina Gow
"Greg has given me an amazing insight into how casting directors view auditions. I highly recommend the adventure to all actors who are willing and ready to move forward with their career."
- Aaron Scully
"Greg offers invaluable tools to help build your acting career. He helps you create a popping performance and a booming business, tackle technology, and cultivate professional connections."
- Pip Edwards
"If you want to succeed in getting connected, getting ahead and performing to your best at each audition opportunity then you need to do this course."
- Libby McLean
"Ultimately, casting directors spend more time with me in the room and best of all I continue to find unexplored territory through individuality by, as Greg always says: ‘allowing the character to deliver the dialogue."
- Stephen Horst
"I would say that this experience has been one of the most refreshing courses I’ve engaged in since returning to the acting profession 5 years ago."
- Alvin Saks
"I’ve been applying Greg’s principles on connecting to industry professionals and the rewards are showing already"
- Emily Joy
"Greg Apps does not provide a peek behind the curtain, he tears the curtain down for everybody… and I’m much better for it."
- Dan Passaro
"This course has helped to change my whole perspective of the industry. It has comprehensively shown me how to treat this work as a business, and to know that it is not enough to be hard working and excellent at your craft."
- Tracy Tarr
"I was fully prepared due to The Audition Technique. If you asked me honestly “does it work?” Yes it does. But you have to put the work in."
- Jack Brady
"The value of this course is unparalleled – it’s work not offered anywhere else and asks artists to embrace the digital platform to put themselves ahead of the pack."
- Leah Baulch
"The chance to soak up the wealth of knowledge that Greg has to offer was truly valuable! From the tips to the Q&A’s and most importantly the feedback that you receive, I feel like I have now added an additional and vital tool to my actors belt."
- Nicholas Larkin
"Greg provides practical, personalised feedback that helps you to move forward in the industry. He is precise, thorough and makes sure you leave with skills that will enhance your confidence, profile and booking abilities. This is by far the most useful and practical feedback I have ever received throughout my training and career."
- Chelsea Hamre
"I’ve really appreciated receiving the weekly feedback from you Greg. You have a way of giving enlightening insight that is both bold and refreshing. This is one of the most innovative courses I know of so far!"
- Kylie Loveday
"What a wonderful ride over the last 6 weeks! Massive thanks to you for allowing us to be part of a community. Your generosity in giving us the tools to stand out in a selftape is rare. Thank you for helping us create a positive pathway on our acting journey!"
- Tracie Filmer
"A big thank you to Greg Apps for the past 6 weeks. I have so much more confidence with putting down a self tape and a much clearer idea of what I’m aiming for in potential jobs and goal setting."
- Alex Given
"What a valuable and unique insight into the casting process this course has been. I’m sure everyone would agree, seeing the work of fellow actors as they tackle the same issues and/or scenes as yourself is a fascinating and edifying experience."
- Kristin Holland
"Greg has given me the tools to funnel my passion into taking proactive steps towards real, achievable goals. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere, that my energy is propelling me forwards."
- Lucy Lovegrove
"“It was really interesting watching everyone else’s tapes, the diversity, the improvement during the 6 weeks and also how you see it from a casting directors position. Would recommend to any aspiring actor!"
- Mia Milnes
"I have walked away with a tool bag of techniques but most importantly the confidence to step in front of the camera and put down a test. I could not recommend this course highly enough."
- Daniel Fischer
"I have learnt SO much over the last six weeks! Thank you Greg for the incredibly informative feedback. I cannot wait to put all this newfound character knowledge into my auditions."
- Sian Ewers