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As an actor you understand that on stage what you do is when you’re not speaking you keep still, otherwise you’re upstaging aren’t you?

So you stand still allowing the other actor to have the point of focus. You stand very still. And what do most actors do when they come in here to audition in my audition space? They do exactly the same thing, they stand very still.

But in an audition what are we looking at? We’re only looking at you, we’re not looking at anything else. It’s one shot, one medium close up and that’s what we look at for the entire audition.

So if you actually adopt that technique of standing still, waiting for you turn to talk, waiting for the time to deliver your next line, you’re deathly boring. You’re really dull.

There are techniques and ideas that we have that we want to share with you that actually show you how to pop in an audition. Because an audition performance is different to every other performance you do as an actor.

If you can’t master the audition performance you won’t get a bigger role, a better role.

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