The dentist chair is a wonderful place to consider what sort of performance to deliver for your next audition.

I had the great fortune to have an extraction the other day, so while I was looking at the TV screen in the ceiling– oh yes, it was an expensive dentist– with the soothing, relaxing sound of the drill in my ears, I was watching an episode of an US prime time TV series.

The type of series that suits being screened at 2:00 in the afternoon. The type of series where everyone has flawless skin and perfect teeth.

More importantly, though, was the performance style they all delivered.

Even though I could not hear what they were saying, I knew exactly what the story was because  they telegraphed their feelings. The words were not necessary because they were so OBVIOUS in their performance choices.

This is the correct method for many daytime TV performances, for soap opera. Be obvious.

But do not use this technique in the audition space.

Why? Because in the audition space, we are seeing the same lines again and again. So, if everyone arrives prepared to be obvious, then chances are, we will become very bored, very quickly. Watching the same pauses, the same inflections.

Though it is truly scary– nearly as scary as a dentist visit– remember that the best approach for an audition is to take risks.

Otherwise, it is too easy for casting directors to switch off.

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