Demo Reels.

So an actor’s demo reel shows how good you are, 2-3 minutes long all that kind of thing.

Let’s imagine I’m casting Sons of Anarchy. With that in mind, here is a photograph of Mark Boon Jr. How much of his demo reel do I need to see to work out if I want to audition him or not? The answer is none, I’m ready.

Because that’s the decision I’m making from a demo reel. Do I want to see more of you?

I’m not judging whether you can act or not, so I don’t need to see 3 different scenes. All I’m asking is do I want to see you? If I’m casting Sons of Anarchy I want to see Mark Boon Jr because of how he’s communicated to me with an image, with a short sharp demo reel.

It doesn’t need 3 minutes, trust me.

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