Einstein must have been quite a witty guy. Think about this quote.

He died in 1955 so his observations were pre digital. And though he is known for his Nobel Prize for Physics, his observations of human spirit is still valid.

He observed that people avoid change, and tend to do things that are comfortable rather than daring. (I don’t think he said this exactly, but then hey, I often paraphrase the greats).

With his quote in mind, how do you prep an audition? You will perhaps says well, every character is different. Of course, but is your thinking, is your preparation and most importantly, is your execution the same?

So if you have hopes and dreams to book a great role this year, what changes do you need to execute, in order to make Casting Directors look at you in a different light?

What do we explore in Self Taping School:


Your qualities, your uniqueness, your individuality. The feedback we provide – weekly, personal, private – goes to the heart of your strengths.

Your strengths. These are the key to trigger  your 2018 opportunities.

It is not your ability that gets you audition opportunities. It is identifying your qualities, targeting the people who will respond to those strengths, and then, delivering them into the path of the key decision makers within your reach.

Can you answer this? I believe there is one specific role or character that you were born to play. What is yours?

Self taping School will find it.

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