If I was an actor and there were a whole bunch of actors around me they’d be going ‘Ugh, Casting Directors. What a pain.’ And they are. I’m a Casting Director, I’m a pain.

The point I’m making is, is it’s so easy to blame your lack of achievement, your lack of progress as an actor, on casting directors.

We’re just human beings and we’re just trying to get on with our careers as well. Do you understand how to communicate with me? How to connect with me? Or any Casting Director? So that it looks like it’s helpful for me?

Because that’s what you’ve got to do. If I get a communication from you, a demo reel, submission, whatever. If I get that and think that’s going to help me the next thing you know you’ll get a phone call and you’ll be in my room doing an audition.

Have you appreciated the opportunities that the digital world has given you? More importantly have you appreciated how sitting around with a group of actors bemoaning Casting Directors is not moving you forward. It’s actually digging the hole you are in deeper.

You must change your approach and your thinking to your career. Not to your ability as an actor, you have the ability. You can do it. But will they give you the opportunity?

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