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3 Ways to Stop Living in Fear of Judgement in the Audition Process

‘Life is all about love – it’s securities, warmth, comfort. It’s the energy that surrounds us. At the end of the day, love is the most important thing.’

This pertains to us all. It’s a human thing! Why? Because we as humans have emotions. (I’m not sure if I believe it to be true when I am told animals don’t have emotions)

And that’s what makes us humans be actors.

We are emotional beings.

As we get older the more we realize that the more we nurture our relationships, the happier we are.

The more energy we give to the fundamental things and people we love, the more will come back to us.

The same goes for our industry and career.

I am constantly hearing from actors that they LOVE being an actor, but they hate the lack of opportunity that is afforded to them. They hate the process of auditions.

Ok…. So how do you learn to love what you do? Because let’s face it, a lot of energy goes into your world as an actor, and if you don’t enjoy the process then dare I say…… maybe it is time to find another career.

You MUST LOVE what you do! Bottom line.

So….. what is it that you do not LOVE about what you do?

Break it down. Is it auditions? Learning scripts?

The one that comes up most for us is the audition process. You love being on set. Being on stage. Performing.

But that dreaded audition…….?? Now that’s another matter altogether.

For me, when I was acting, I hated auditions. Why? Because I believed I wasn’t very good at it! Yet, I managed to get the gigs and work successfully as an actor………

So breaking it down further, I now understand what it was about.

It wasn’t because I was no good at it. It was because I was fearful.
Fearful of the fact that they wouldn’t like me.
Fearful of the fact that I was being judged.

This fear of judgment is linked to the desire to be liked by all at all times. But that’s impossible. Right? Let’s face it, humans are always judging others—good/bad or like/dislike, with lots of nuance in between. And as new information comes in, the human mind reassesses: It is an ongoing process.

Here are three ways to stop living in fear of judgment:

1. Nothing lasts forever. 

The reality is that the human brain has limited data reserves. Although we may make judgments, they are not significant enough to earn a place in our memory banks for eternity. So when someone makes a judgment about you, chances are that moments or days later, that judgment will have left their conscious awareness.

Yes, even a Casting Directors opinion of your last audition. They won’t remember that you were nervous, but they will remember if you were memorable.

We build up our understanding of people, not on the small mistakes we have noticed, but by creating a long tail story, based on the big things they do and say, and the patterns of how they interact with us and make us feel over time. In other words the story they leave behind.

Each audition is another opportunity to add to your story!

2. Judgment is avoidable.

Stop trying to control the judgments of others. It has become part of our modum operandi to ask that others not judge us.

Instead of accepting the fact that you will be judged in your audition, why not try to appeal to those who sit in judgement, by telling them how you are feeling.

You are nervous. Big deal! Of course you are. Allow them to have compassion for you. Help them to understand how you are feeling. Compassion is kryptonite to judgement. When compassion is present, judgments have little weight because people can imagine themselves feeling the same way.

3. Hide behind a character

I think this is the most relevant for an actor. It’s all very well to know your lines. To have rehearsed them inside out and back the front, in the car, in the shower, etc……

But when it comes to the audition space your mind goes blank. Why is this? I believe it’s because you have not found your character. Once you find your character, it’s amazing how the lines are not just lines of dialogue but they are words that this character would naturally say.

So first things first, discover your character. Who is she/ he? Where do they belong in the world? Do you know someone that you can base this character on? Are they Alpha or Omega?

Check out our Creating Compelling Characters course for more details.