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5 things CDs look for in self tapes.

Even though we encourage you to break rules here at TAT, many CDs live by a strict code of conformity.

But we believe, in order to stand out in your self tapes you must break the rules! Here is how:

Know your brand and how to bring your unique personality to your audition. What is your personality type?Character Interpretation
Who is your character? If you know your personality and you’ve done your research then you have no excuse but to know your character.

Performance Choices
Knowing the character, allows you to know the rhythm, which helps to learn the script. When you are confident with your lines you can really put your best foot forward.

Technical Quality
Be sure you have the light facing you and your sound is good and clear.  Always have your reader Off mike.

Following Instructions
Always be sure to read the specs. Adhere to any wardrobe, slate details and direction. Always label your tapes clearly.

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