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Casting Director Greg Apps has seen hundreds of thousands of acting auditions over his 38 years in casting; and finds it disheartening to see talented actors stumble at the audition block. So he decided to do something about it, to pass on his knowledge and experience to help actors audition like a pro.

Our actors have gone from not being seen for roles, to booking lead roles in Feature Films as well as booking series regular roles in world class productions around the world. Go ahead and Join Club TAT here for more!

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Casting Director Greg Apps

Greg Apps

Casting for 38 Years
If you’re lucky enough to have a successful long term career – doing what you love – then more than likely you will kick a few goals along the way. I have cast more than 80 feature films, countless hours of television and along the way I have launched careers of some deserving actors. I am still casting to this day- I have three films waiting to be released and a further six projects in development, and I love my job.

I know your Pain
Actors are the best people in the world. Energetic, funny, quirky. I was an actor. I have walked the red carpet, I have performed in musicals, in theatre, on TV and film. I was asked when I started casting, ‘don’t you miss acting?’ Definitely not.

As a Casting Director I get to create all of the roles in a film, rather than hope to get an audition for one role. In short, because I was an actor, I know what you go through. I have sat in the waiting room. I have despaired at not getting an audition for a role I desperately wanted. I know your pain 🙁

Robyn Gibbes

To find yourself on set at 17 years old starring opposite Jeff Bridges, would seem like a dream come true. And more so If you were born and bred in the highlands of New Guinea!

“I have to admit, having grown up in the remote highlands, I had no idea of who Jeff Bridges was!” As a teenager growing up in new Guinea, there was no TV, no radio. Her only music was from a battery operated turntable that played Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters again and again.

Robyn went on to play lead roles in all the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s television series as series regulars and ‘guesties’. Her most well known roles are Round the Twist, Prisoner and Carson’s Law.

She has also starred in many Australian films including amongst others ‘Gross Misconduct’ with Naomi Watts, ‘Emerging’, ‘Gone to Ground’ and Wild Horses in New Zealand.

Robyn has also written, produced and acted for the Melbourne Comedy Festival, La Mama (Melbourne) and the National Theater Victoria, before giving away her acting career to manage the successful casting consultancy Prototype Casting at Fox Studios.

In 2006 she followed her heart working with underprivileged women in Bolivia designing textiles for the international market. Having sold her business in 2016 she has joined Greg in The Audition Technique empowering actors to fulfil their career goals.

It’s a long way from Goroka in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea!

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Actor Testimonials

We’re committed to supporting actors- and we help people like you find the path to launch their acting career. Here are just a few of the incredible testimonials we’ve received for our online acting courses, from professional actors and actresses around the world.