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Actors…….. Are you a Self Taper or Self Tester?

Yes there’s a difference…….

Learn how to get that CD to ask YOU for a self test!

We here at The Audition Technique believe there is a defined difference between a SelfTapeand a Self Test. Here we show you how to create a memorable Self Tape so that the CDasks you to Self test.

But before we break this down I think we need to look at the big question.

In these Covid days, 94% of auditions are now being done via a self test. Whereas beforeCovid, that was only about 35%.How much has Covid changed the audition landscape?

When your agent calls/emails now, are they asking you for an ‘audition in the room’ or aSelf Test?

So, the obvious question is, are you ready to give a memorable self test?

I assume you are aware that every time your agent asks you for a self tape, your agent looks and vets it first.

It therefore only stands to reason that the better and more compelling your selftape is (and remember your agent is possibly looking at more than just your self tape for this particular role) the more chance you have of your agent pushing you to the CD knowing that you will turn in good work.

The more great self tapes you deliver, the more auditions/ self tests you will be asked to deliver; meaning the more chance you have of scoring that great role you know you are meant to play!

So, to state the obvious–an ‘audition in the room’ is with the Casting Director (and sometimes with the director if it happens to be ‘call back’ time) in the CD’s space/ studio.

A Self Test is a scripted test requested by a CD, (hopefully with some character notes)that you prepare yourself,in your own space, in your own time, with your own equipment.

And now I hear you all asking….So what is a Self Tape?

Glad you asked…….

Once upon a time, if you were wanting people to remember you, or you had something to sell (both of which an actor has and needs), you carried with you bevy of business cards. Or calling Cards. These cards would have your name, your business (what you did) and your contact details.

For an actor, you had the Headshot and the Resume. The headshot shows who you are andthe resume shows your experience.

Some actors still carry these like a pride of place. “Hey look at me! I’ve got a headshot and a resume of my workshops! I must be a real actor now!”

If you’re getting my message now, yes, here at TAT we think that’s a little bit old school! And yes, we think a little bit differently!

Now I’m not advocating NOT having a headshot and a resume. Hey…….Some CD’s are stillasking for them!

So you should always have one or two up your sleeve and ones that are relevant!

But, let’s just break this down for a moment.

What is the headshot and resume for?

I would suggest: #1:to draw attention, and #2:to be memorable. Yes?

But wait a moment. With the digital age… you not think there is a better way.

Hello….. Self Tape! Please take a bow!

The Self Tape is your new business card.

But how much more attention and how much more memorable do you think you can be with a great well pitched and timed Self Tape?

With the Self Tape you can build up your own library.

Let me take you on a hypothetical journey.

Through your research you have noted that a CD is about to start casting for a new show about hospitals. Perfect!

Only last week/ last month you recorded a Self Tape of you playing a doctor/ a nurse. (You have it amongst your library of another 10 character types).

You have the contact details of the CD (we have ways to research this info), so within minutes you can pitch yourself for exactly the type of character the CD maybe looking for.

It’s a walking talking headshot as we call it.

But so much better than a headshot!

It might have taken a few takes to get there, but it’s a performance showing your qualities. This is what the CD is looking for. They are looking for the qualities of the character that best fits into a hospital/ police series (whatever) scenario.

The Self Tape is the opportunity of a lifetime for an actor. It allows you the creative control and freedom that you never had before. With it you attach your CV and whatever experience you may have in the given content of the project being cast.

It allows you to show your agent (who then shows the CD) what you are capable of, without having to wait for the agent to call you or the CD to request an audition.

Remember guys, this is the Digital Age. It is not going away. Much as you might love the opportunity to audition with the CD in their space, the opportunities are becoming fewer and fewer to do this.

And this is YOUR opportunity to take control.

More and more auditions, both first and second auditions are through the Self Tape/ SelfTest. I can’t tell you how many of our students have had auditions and booked the job from their library of Self Tapes.

A golden opportunity is here now for actors in the form of Self Tapes.

And yes, as with anything, there are ways and ways not to show a CD a Self Tape.

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