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Are you missing audition opportunities?

How do you impress your agent to be sure they submit you for more auditions? 

How do you make the CD sit up and be impressed by your work?  

One of the most critical issues all, but especially new actors face, is one of obscurity. You may have great talent and be one of the best actors out there, but that doesn’t help if agents or Casting Directors don’t know you’re there!

It’s not just about doing more and more self tapes, more great photos and more terrific workshops (though yes of course these all help) but all these things won’t get you noticed but most importantly won’t get you remembered.

Greg Apps’ Audition Technique renowned Self Taping School starts again mid August. This is the last course for the year.

This interview with Mike Fenton just confirms how important your audition really is.

As Mike re iterates here, if you want to wow them in your audition, you need to understand the fundamentals. It is not just about being a great actor.  

You may well be the best actor there is, the best trained and have the best representation possible. But will that get you the role?

Our gift as CDs is not just meeting actors and directors but learning about that something special that that particular actor has. This is what makes our job exciting. We are always looking for that special something that you have. 

If you can’t show us, we can’t see it. 

When that special actor walks through the door we know immediately that there’s something special about that person. 

We may not be casting for the specific character you can play at the time, but we will remember you. 

This is your job as an actor to know what it is we are casting for, and to show us the qualities you have.

Here is an interview with the late Mike Fenton – one of Hollywood’s great CD’s.

In Greg Apps’  Self Taping School we teach you the principles and techniques in how to be memorable. These have been observed and learned over a 40 year career from both behind and in front of the camera, by Casting Director Greg Apps.

Greg has cast over 85 films and too many television series to mention. He has learned from the best actors and the best directors over these years. It is with this vast knowledge of experience that he teaches how to be remembered at your most vulnerable time – in the audition room!

Join our Waiting List now to be sure not to miss out on this incredible course that sets you up to deliver your best self tape ever. 

Class numbers are strictly limited.

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Check out what others have to say about our Self Taping School:

“What a truly amazing course. It ahs not only changed my self taping skills and confidence, but my entire approach to my acting and life as an actor. A truly invaluable course and experience. Thank you for everything.” K. Stewart


“This course rocks!” D. Joselle


“An absolutely amazing course. It has given me such confidence in my self taping and auditioning. What an incredible program you have created” S. Michelle