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Author: Greg Apps

What are the three elements of a great headshot?

What are the three elements of a great headshot? Kathy Luu – Photographer/ actor extraordinaire lays down THE TRIFECTA OF A GREAT HEADSHOT   What is the story you want us to see? There is a mystique around what makes a great headshot. In this

Taking the next step: From Script to Pre-Production

The next in our ‘How to produce your own online series’ By award winning Film Maker/ Director/ Writer/Actor Cam Faull  Taking the next step: From Script to Pre-Production   So..well done….. If you took the time to sit down with last month’s exercise, you may

The Two Qualities That Are Missing From All Your Auditions

Actor training is essential to empower you with the confidence and the focus to embody a character. And deliver it with an emphatic single-mindedness that delivers a strong character. This usually manifests itself in an actor believing they have to make a clear concise decision

How to Choose the Right Acting Workshop

Author: Jessica Mendez Many people believe that to land a career in acting, you either have to be exceptionally beautiful, otherworldly talented, or at least born into a family of artists. And while these privileges certainly do help, there is much more to mastering the

Head Shots

It has always been part of the actors tool kit to have both the show reel and the headshot. And the question we as CD’s keep being asked is “what are you looking for in a headshot?” It’s like this guys. It’s really very simple.

What lights up a Casting Directors Day?

There are many drama teachers and acting tutors imploring you to take control of your audition. It is your time! It is your chance to impress! OK. That is what you want. What do I want? The casting director. (I have been casting full time

How do you make a casting director smile?

Casting Directors are funny types. Not funny ha ha. Funny strange. For many actors, the fear and trepidation they experience in front of Casting directors –especially in auditions -is akin to facing off against Cerberus –a three headed dog from hell who guarded the entrance