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Author: Robyn Gibbes

The 6 Benefits of Acting Workshops

Above all else, acting workshops and classes allow you to experiment, to try new methods and approaches of working, without a director restricting you to their particular character portrayal.  So what are the benefits of acting workshops/ classes? I have broken it down to 6

Will you be asked to Self Tape in 2020?

OR How to do your best audition? The answer is easy. A Self Tape! Why? Because you put the audition down where you are comfortable (in your own home, with surroundings that make you comfortable rather than nervous) in your own time, and you have

Where does your self worth come from?

I bumped into an actor the other day. Not just someone who has done a few projects here and there, but a really great actor who has lots of experience and rave reviews about his work. I don’t believe he is an awarded actor though

You did have a strategy didn’t you?

Q: How do we measure success? A: We have a goal. We hit the goal.  Wrong! Maybe just maybe there is another way round this thing called ‘success’. And it’s measured in increments rather than ‘getting the job’!  This means, it’s all to do with