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What is your Morning Face?

I don’t know about you, but my morning face can be pretty frightening. Thank God I have a husband that loves me…. Cause I’m pretty confident in knowing only someone that loved me (including my Monty cat) could see anything redeeming in that face that

How to not give a flying f**k!

To start this conversation click on the link below and smile The desire for connection and what other people think is a normal natural part of being human. So is it such a bad thing to not give a f**k?? It can only be

The Joy of Acting – do you still have it?

It’s a tough gig being an actor! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We see so many actors come in to our studio full of hope, nervous energy and a need to succeed. But what do they all have in common? They all feel the

How important is Social Media for actors?

Do all actors need to be on social media? We went to see ‘Palm Beach’ the other day with an awesome Ozie cast – Brian Brown, Sam Neill (Ok he’s a Kiwi but we take him as our own), Jacquie McKenzie, Heather Mitchell and many

Every actor needs to have professional goals

Every actor needs to have goals. And I’m not talking dreams here. I’m talking real tangible goals. It’s a difficult enough career just being an actor, but to not have a clear goal makes it almost impossible. These goals need to be attainable and specific

The art of living in the moment for an actor

Last week I discussed the importance of listening for actors. Well this week following on from listening I decided to take it one step further. Being in the moment.  So easy to say but so hard to do!  Three important points: Listen! Listen! Listen! Breathe,

Are you a good Listener?

How are your listening skills? I happen to have a husband (I can hear all you girls nodding in agreement to this one) who does not have a good listening ability.  Or maybe it’s just to the wife? But enough of my marital idiosyncrasies ………

Does an actor have a brand?

I’ve heard it often said that actors don’t have brands! Brands are for products and for some it seems a demeaning description on ones traits. Call it what you will. In essence it is - How do you see yourself? What is your unique selling