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Actor Agents

Does an actor have a brand?

I’ve heard it often said that actors don’t have brands! Brands are for products and for some it seems a demeaning description on ones traits. Call it what you will. In essence it is - How do you see yourself? What is your unique selling

Who Moved my Cheese?

Greg and I have just returned from a quick break to Vietnam. It was an amazing smorgasbord of motion, colour and beautiful fresh food. But the most amazing thing that struck us was the change in their country in the last 10 years. The most

How to make your instinct instinctive.

Instinct is a natural impulse, or inclination, common to human beings.   The most important thing for instinct is to listen.  There is nothing simple to the concept of instinct.  It is the driving force of every action, reaction, decision, and thought humans undertake every moment

7 steps in how to achieve more success as an actor

So, you’ve done your 3 years full-time training, you’ve done your workshops, you’ve signed up to a great agent, you have your headshot ready with your CV looking good, but are you achieving what you want as an actor? It’s all very well to be