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Actor Auditioning

actor auditions for the digital age

Where are we headed in all things film making?

With the new way of shooting films, giving us all a taste of the future, where are we headed in the world of all things film making? And who are the winners when the dust settles? Richard Janes explains “As with smaller crews, fewer extras,

Two Tips to Avoid Desperation

As an actor it’s easy to reek of desperation. But how do you conduct or start a conversation with a CD without sounding desperate?  What you want to say (and in many cases do say): “I am perfect for this part. Please let me audition

The 6 Benefits of Acting Workshops

Above all else, acting workshops and classes allow you to experiment, to try new methods and approaches of working, without a director restricting you to their particular character portrayal.  So what are the benefits of acting workshops/ classes? I have broken it down to 6

Will you be asked to Self Tape in 2020?

OR How to do your best audition? The answer is easy. A Self Tape! Why? Because you put the audition down where you are comfortable (in your own home, with surroundings that make you comfortable rather than nervous) in your own time, and you have