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Creating Compelling Characters Scholarship

Generously donated by Elizabeth Hope

How to join?

Submit 1 x 45 sec improvisation of any character you choose with the line:
“Character is doing something when nobody is looking.”


1 x free CCC full-service course.
What is Creating Compelling Characters Course?

3 x Runners Up

1 x Audit access

can view all lessons, attend the two Q&As, be joined up to the Facebook group page but no feedback or scene submission.


  • Must be received no later than 9pm Sunday 15th September (Sydney time)
  • Must be no more than 45 seconds in length
  • Must grant permission for TAT to screen your submission on our social media feeds (this is not guaranteed. We will not screen everybody)
  • Winner judged by Elizabeth Hope

How it works.

  • You register via our registration form
  • Record your self tape with the line ‘Character is doing something when nobody is looking.’
  • Register your self tape via our link
  • Tapes judged by Elizabeth Hope and the TAT team

No tapes more than 50mb. Anything outside these boundaries may not be considered.

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