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Audition Masterclass Series

3 essential actor audition courses for self-development

Learn from a working Casting Director

Learn from your lounge room in your pyjamas

Developed to change your approach and your thinking, this course will empower you to take ownership of each individual meeting, concentrating on your genuine & authentic self.

Learn the techniques to be sure you left a positive impression so they that they need to see you again.

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The digital age has given actors a freedom they have never had before. But actors need to embrace the digital age, or they will get left behind.

Learn how to engage with the powerful people in the industry – without ever meeting them!

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In any audition it is your goal is to be remembered, so when faced with a career defining opportunity you need to seize it.

Discover the ways to take control of those moments in your career and stop those nerves sabotaging your audition opportunity.

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Buy the Complete Series

3 x courses ($231.00 value)

1. Auditions & Meetings ($77.00 value)
2. Networking in the Digital Age ($77.00 value)
3. Conquering Nerves in the Audition Space ($77.00 value)

Plus get these bonuses ($22.90 value)

1 x Bonus webinar ($12.95 value)
1 x Bonus Podcast ($9.95 value)

Total Value $253.90

All for just 1 payment of


(All prices are in AUD & include GST)

Casting Director Greg Apps

1on1 with Greg Apps

Why not book a 1ON1 with Greg Apps? Ask Greg anything you need to help you progress in your career.

A typical session might include assessment and reviewing your showreels, discussion about agents and current roles, characters and relationships you’ve forged within the industry, your goals and your direction.

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