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Auditions & Meetings

Nail the most important opportunity of your career

Developed to change your approach and your thinking, this course will empower you to take ownership of each individual meeting, concentrating on your genuine & authentic self.

Learn the techniques to be sure you left a positive impression so they that they need to see you again.


Why Auditions & Meetings?

Acting Audition Techniques Greg Apps Teaching

You may be a good actor but can you audition well?

Just as importantly – do you impress when you are face to face?

Do you plan a meeting before entering the office or do you just wing it? How do you make the meeting YOUR meeting?

Possibly the most essential thing for any actor to do is to create a lasting memory.

But how do you make sure your meeting / audition will be remembered next week, next month so that they think of you when the role you were born to play comes up?

We have developed a short online actor video course to help you take ownership of your individual, genuine and authentic self so you can deliver it to the:

  • people who count
  • people who have influence
  • people who are decision makers of your career

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make a positive impression and memory with those that count, get the secrets on what they’re looking for in your meeting, and understand the fundamentals of this professional engagement!

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1

Your first meetings are a crucial step in your career

There are a number of crucial factors you need to be aware of.

Remember every time your agent, or a Casting Director sees you they are forming an opinion. Here we learn how to make that opinion a positive one.

Lesson 2

You must be natural

Your presentation and attitude is paramount to how you are perceived. No matter who you are meeting, it is important to make them feel important.

Remember, this is their meeting. What sort of research do you need to do to not only be remembered whilst in the room but more importantly when you’re not in the room?

Lesson 3

What are they looking for in your meeting?

What do you know about the person conducting your meeting / audition?  More importantly what do they know about you and what part of you are you going to be portraying?

Learn how to present what the Decision Maker is looking for and to dress accordingly. What person or type of you are you going to show me when you come in to audition? Learn that different people need to see different sides and how to delineate between them.

Lesson 4

What are Casting Directors looking for?

Hint: And it’s not the best actor!

What special qualities do you have? What is the most important quality to have as an actor? It’s these qualities that we want to see, that we are looking for, in EVERY audition.

Learn what we are looking for in the call back session of your audition and why this is so important for actors to know.

Lesson 5

Not stage actors but screen actors

Without these qualities it is easy to come over as a ‘try hard’ and sycophant. Learn how to present your genuine self.

In this lesson we learn the second most valuable tool you need as an actor and how telling the truth can NOT get you remembered!

Lesson 6

We start to bring together everything we have talked about

In this lesson we are talking about the third critical quality that you must supply to be welcomed, remembered, and fascinating in face to face experiences.
But there is one factor that is so often ignored by actors in the audition space. We all do it on a daily basis but it seems so easily bypassed in the audition space. Learn what this is and how important it is to deliver an audition that engages with both your reader and your Decision Maker.

Lesson 7

You have now learned the fundamentals, but…

How now do you put it in practice so that you are remembered, so that they will call you in for the next audition/meeting?
This is the journey of you, the actor.

In this course we have taught you how to achieve your objective in converting opportunities to call backs and booking the job!

Casting Director Greg Apps
IMDb Profile

Meet Casting Director, Greg Apps

Greg has been casting for over 38 years and has seen hundreds of thousands of auditions over the years. He has also been responsible for putting numerous stars in their first stand out roles. Some of the names I have helped discover include Russell Crowe, Eric Bana, Jacki McKenzie, Rachel Griffiths, Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving and more recently Geraldine Hakewill in Channel 7’s break out series ‘Wanted’.

He began his career as an actor. He has walked the red carpet, and performed in musicals, in theatre, on TV and film. Because he was an actor, he knows what you go through. He has sat in the waiting room and has felt the despair at not getting an audition for a role he desperately wanted. Being a casting director he’s also seen the other side. He’s witnesses so many talented actors stumble at the audition and make silly little mistakes that could have easily been avoided. So he decided to do something about it, to pass on his knowledge and experience to help actors audition like a pro.

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Casting Director Greg Apps

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Why not book a 1ON1 with Greg Apps? Ask Greg anything you need to help you progress in your career.

A typical session might include assessment and reviewing your showreels, discussion about agents and current roles, characters and relationships you’ve forged within the industry, your goals and your direction.

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