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Creating Compelling Characters

Create Characters That Leave a Lasting Memory

Equip yourself with the tools to create compelling characters that leave and indelible memory.
This course gives you the steps, the tools and the skills to make your characters multi dimensional
so that they breathe life into the script.

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What Makes An Actor Truly Great?

Your job as an actor is to bring scripted characters to life and make them live & breathe.
Sure, you as an actor can take on various attributes of a person, copy them, then mixed with your drama school technique, you deliver a character.

But is that character 3 dimensional? Or is it just paint by numbers, ready to be delivered for the next soap opera?

The Creating Compelling Characters gives you the steps, the tools and the skills to make your characters multi dimensional so that they breathe life into the script. It is a ‘how to guide’ in creating compelling, memorable screen characters.

This course is open to all, but it is possibly better suited to established actors rather than beginners (see Self Taping School).
In this course, students will be taken through the myriad of steps to create their own characters, record them and distribute them.

By the end of the course you will have captured one of the roles you were born to play and have the steps and tools to create others.

Why Creating Compelling Characters?


Our Creating Compelling Characters course is our PhD course, comprising three lessons a week over the course of 5 weeks with personalised mentoring at the end of every week.

Practice makes perfect is what we preach here at The Audition Technique.

Apart from our structured lessons, we have improvised exercises each week, constructing your characters piece by piece.

We record on Vimeo using this as our library with a private Facebook Group for interaction.

There are downloads and a live Q&As where everyone can attend and ask questions.

The end of the course includes an exclusive one on one with renowned casting director, Greg Apps, to discuss your journey and your way forward.

What You’ll Get

Personal feedback and mentoring

You will get weekly feedback to grow your confidence and empower you to create memorable characters.

A supportive online community

Become a member of our private supportive and encouraging Facebook community.

Build your self tape library

Build or expand your character self tape library for you to showcase and help get your talent seen.

Live webinars and Q&As

Tune into the two live webinars and ask your questions live in the Q&A that follows directly after.

Weekly character development activities

Each week you will be given a selection of scenes and genres to shoot and share with the group.

Learn online from anywhere

You could learn from your lounge room in your pajamas. Join students from all ages and backgrounds globally.

IMDb Profile

Meet Casting Director, Greg Apps

Greg has been casting for over 38 years and has seen hundreds of thousands of auditions over the years. He has also been responsible for putting numerous stars in their first stand out roles. Some of the names I have helped discover include Russell Crowe, Eric Bana, Jacki McKenzie, Rachel Griffiths, Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving and more recently Geraldine Hakewill in Channel 7’s break out series ‘Wanted’.

He began his career as an actor. He has walked the red carpet, and performed in musicals, in theatre, on TV and film. Because he was an actor, he knows what you go through. He has sat in the waiting room and has felt the despair at not getting an audition for a role he desperately wanted. Being a casting director he’s also seen the other side. He’s witnesses so many talented actors stumble at the audition and make silly little mistakes that could have easily been avoided. So he decided to do something about it, to pass on his knowledge and experience to help actors audition like a pro.

Lesson Breakdown

Get personal individual feedback every week from an awarded Casting Director and character development mentoring over the course of 5 weeks.

Week 1 – Your Core Role

Lesson 1

Cowboys and Indians: Status Choice
The Alpha factor
It is not simply an audition journey

Lesson 2

The Self Tape Space explained
Plot the message firstly
Performance or Character – what comes first?

Lesson 3

There is one option you must embrace
Character Evolution – the thinking behind it
Self Taping 2.0

Week 2 – Prep YOUR Character

Lesson 4

Self Taping 2.0
Trial and error – lots of both
The Costume Department

Lesson 5

You must develop Self Awareness
What are your worst qualities?
It is not the character, it’s the execution that’s important

Lesson 6

Think Visually
Frame composition
Audition Hack # 1

Week 3 – Character Embellishment

Lesson 7

Can you walk the talk?
Do not over think it.
Relationship is not built on dialogue

Lesson 8

There is ONE thing to do and you can choose
Less is not More
What happens in your other life?

Lesson 9

You are not acting, it is a different action (momenting)
Bling – it’s not Chinese for Bring
YOUR character must have different qualities

Week 4 – The Internal and the External

Lesson 10

What senses do you use to act?
The frame explained
Who is the tape for?

Lesson 11

The audition space is sterile (Be more intimate than the space)
Give yourself on key permission (to go further)
Non Verbal communication

Lesson 12

How images trigger feelings
Construct a fourth wall in your audition
Indicating is for pantomime

Week 5 – Putting it all together

Lesson 13

An audition has Three Acts
Words cannot describe a character
Why Casting Director auditions are so last century

Lesson 14

Auditioning is a separate skill
How many demo reels should you have?
Developing your third eye

Lesson 15

Your Uniqueness Explain
Start accessing your private moments
To stand out, or to fit in?

Week 6

1on1 with Greg Apps

Ask your burning questions and get the answers to drive your acting career forward.


Bonus 1

Live Q&As

Drawing on his experience as an actor and casting director, Greg Apps answers your burning audition and acting industry-related questions.

valued at $468.00

Bonus 2

Exclusive Online Communities

Join our private Facebook and Vimeo groups exclusively for Self Taping School course participants and access a wealth of global knowledge, support and industry connections


Bonus 3

Audio Mentoring Series

Greg Apps personally shares his insights to prepare you for the world of Character Creation in an exclusive audio mentoring series.

valued at $249.00

Bonus 4

Access to “Club Gold”

Graduates access only! Includes monthly mentoring with Greg Apps, exclusive interviews from decision makers, dedicated private Facebook Group, additional actor resources and discounts.


Bonus 5

1on1 with Greg Apps

An incredible opportunity to discuss your career with a leading, international casting director with over 38 years in the business.

Valued at $120.00

What Others Are Saying About It

“This course takes actor training into the new millennium making a smarter and more relevant actor. It’s a holistic approach that goes way beyond improving skill, making the actor useful at whatever level s/he may be. It gives the permission, blueprint and confidence to create compelling characters routinely.”

– Miles Mussenden

“How do l even begin to thank you, Greg Apps? A couple of months ago a breakdown for a hip Granny / ex soapie star came out for a series regular and my agent asked me to make a 20 second clip.
I had so much fun creating the character, that was the reward enough!!! Today, l got to read with Amanda Mitchel for the role! I was so comfortable because of the preparation l did, filming the character as Alpha/Beta/Omega and even settled on a Gamma! Greg, what you are teaching is GOLD! Thank you”

– Barbara Bingham

“Greg, huge thanks again for what you do and teach. I submitted for a feature film role adn the casting director (huge name in N.Y. casting biz) came back to me and asked me to do a self tape, but urged me to “take my time”, and to read the whole script. I took a few days to do so and got a good sense of what the store was going to “feel” like, and did a bunch of research into the director and watch his previous films. Then, l started to think about my character who is a N.Y. Mob lawyer and then decided to go in a totally different direction and created what l felt was a more memorable character and made him an English gangster. The upshot is the casting director praised my work, calling it a “great performance” and has sent it onto the direct who is making decision next week. Will l get the role? Out of my control from here, but l will say, that is the first time l have EVER gotten feedback like this from an casting director audition, let alone a self tape. Your courses rock my friend!”

– Daz Byard

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Week 1 – Your Core Role
Week 2 – Prep YOUR Character
Week 3 – Character Embellishment
Week 4 – The Internal and the External
Week 5 – Putting it all together

5 x Bonuses ($837.00 value)

1. Live Q&As ($468.00 value)
2. Exclusive Online Communities (priceless)
3. Audio Mentoring Series ($249.00 value)
4. Access “Club Gold” (priceless)
5. 1on1 with Greg Apps ($120.00 value)

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Still not sure?

Ask Greg anything you need to help you progress in your career.

A typical session might include assessment and reviewing your showreels, discussion about agents and current roles, characters and relationships you’ve forged within the industry, your goals and your direction.

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