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Drop In Classes

The Audition Technique are bringing back our hugely successful monthly actors Drop In Classes.

ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. Anywhere in the world.

Every month you will receive a lesson, record a scene – just like a normal drop in class – and receive personal private mentoring from any one of our highly experienced tutors.


Where else can you get private feedback on your Self Tape?

The Audition Technique’s On Line Drop In Classes are the perfect way to hone your self taping skills. Register monthly or do a package of three for a discounted price.

On Line Drop In Classes re introduced:

Be inspired and challenged from home with our OnLine Drop in Classes World First!

Are you needing to be challenged and inspired in these difficult times?

First we had Covid and now we have the actors strike.

And with the advent of both these, actors are finding more and more auditions are done by either Zoom or Self Tapes; and so we miss the interaction of classmates and in the room auditions with Casting Directors and Decision Makers.

We know how difficult it is to stay connected and focused in these challenging times, and understand that many people are finding it tough financially; Staying motivated is difficult when there are reduced opportunities.

And here’s the good news………

We are bringing back The Audition Technique’s favourite form of classes – our Online Drop In Classes; where you can be inspired to work from home and learn skills and techniques that you would normally only have from long form courses.

Recorded from your iPhone if you do not have a camera.

Monthly ONLINE Drop-In Classes and Mentoring, to keep you engaged and working on your craft.

Being aware of how hard it is for most of us, we have made it affordable for you – just $US97.00 ($AUD140.00) per class or $247.00 for package of 3.

You can book for one month or more. Whatever suits your schedule!

  • All you need is your iphone
  • Book and pay monthly
  • No locked in contracts
  • Monthly feedback/ mentoring from CD Greg Apps
  • Affordable and accessible at this challenging time
  • Access to our script library or use your own. Your choice.


Every month we will give you a dedicated lesson, concentrating on one particular element within the self tape/ audition space.

Either choose a scene from our online library or from your own audition library, record it, and upload it to our dedicated hosting page.

Each week Casting Director Greg Apps will give you short sharp feedback dedicated to the particular element of the class.

$US?? per month gives you:

  • Monthly Structured lessons
  • Scene Library
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Dedicated FaceBook group (graduates page)
  • Weekly Personal Feedback from Greg
  • Membership to Club TAT
Click the link here for more info
Casting Director Greg Apps

Still not sure?

Why not book a 1ON1 with Greg Apps? Ask Greg anything you need to help you progress in your career.

A typical session might include assessment and reviewing your showreels, discussion about agents and current roles, characters and relationships you’ve forged within the industry, your goals and your direction.

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