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Drop-In Classes

For the first time ever The Audition Technique is offering weekly Drop In classes.

Do you understand the technicalities
of a self tape?

You don’t need to! You just need an iPhone. Learn the equipment you need and how to set it up.

Our drop in classes are an opportunity to be mentored by somebody who knows and understands auditions inside out and back the front. Greg Apps is an award winning CD and for the first time The Audition Technique is introducing weekly Drop In classes. Entirely ON-LINE.

Do you know how to be memorable
and stand out to Casting Directors?

Its simple…. but you NEED to understand what to do and what NOT to do!

We have a special introductory rate of $33.00AUD ($20.00US). This price will not be repeated. We have made it accessible and affordable for all to help you through this challenging time.

In this new world you MUST be proactive and self sufficient. You CAN create opportunities and deliver great self tapes, but you must be ready to do it from your lounge room.

Do you get feedback from
Casting Directors or Directors?

More than likely NO! We not only give you feedback from a working award winning CD, but we give you mentoring that is directly actionable to your next audition. We don’t give ‘fluff’!

You have one week to download your choice of scene (from our library…… or yours), absorb the unique advice and content in the lesson, record your scene and receive private personal feedback and mentoring.

Our numbers are strictly limited per week but “if you want to take your career to the next stage and be prepared for when the cameras start rolling again you NEED to do The Audition Technique’s & Greg Apps courses. You WILL book the next job!” C. Myers Alabama