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Have you earned actor success?

Have you earned actor success?

Or have you just graduated from drama school believing you will now be successful due to all your training?

It is that time of year when I am talking to various drama and acting schools. For many of the students, they have had the most creatively satisfying time of their life.
Being stretched emotionally and conceptually every day. In an environment that celebrates and supports ….. potential.

Not ability. Not success. Potential

What will those students do with their potential? What will any actor do with potential?

In the summer months, we go to the pool or the beach, we have learned how to swim, so we can simply enjoy a social time in the water. We may have the potential to be a representative swimmer or surfer, but hey, we are happy. Satisfied with the pleasure it brings us. We do not need to succeed in water sports to achieve contentment.

So the potential we may have, is forgone for simple gratification of being in the water

Or for an actor, we are satisfied with the simple gratification of being in front of the camera.

Whether you are a drama school grad or not, you have potential.

The question though is: what are you going to do with it?

Are you simply happy to be in front of the camera, trying a new scene. Or do you want to make a decision to move forward?

The choice is yours. But if you are determined to realise your potential, stop being fulfilled by simply doing a new scene in front of the camera and start to focus on what roles and characters are bubbling away inside of you that will turn heads.

Because when people look at you twice, they see your potential.

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