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Have you got rhythm? Because a different one is needed for every audition.

We’ve just been through yet another tiring yet hopefully wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends.

I am sure you would have found yourself in various group dynamics with different relationships and this is what we are talking about today.

You would have been in a small group, a one on one, or a large Christmas gathering. Whatever the situation, did you notice the different rhythms of speech that happened, depending on the different situation, environment, people you were with.

But when you’re in an audition situation, 9 times out of 10, you are in exactly the same position, facing the reader and directing every line to that person. Your relationship partner.

Now go back to your Christmas party, Christmas dinner with family, whatever situation you happen to find yourself in, were you aware of how your body language changed? And how your physical relationship to that person you’re communicating with changes, depending on the relationship you have with them? This is what we mean by your rhythm changes.

Be aware of this for your next audition. Your rhythm changes given the situation.

Our Creating Compelling Characters starts Jan 14th.

Get ready for the new year to be memorable.

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