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Head Shots

It has always been part of the actors tool kit to have both the show reel and the headshot.

And the question we as CD’s keep being asked is “what are you looking for in a headshot?”

It’s like this guys. It’s really very simple.

We’re looking for YOU! Yep! YOU!

So let’s break that down.

You means we’re looking for your uniqueness.

Remember we are not a modeling agency. We’re not looking for the glamorous you. We know you can all look beautiful but amazingly enough this is NOT what we want to see!

We are CD’s. We are wanting to cast you. We are wanting to find a character that we think you can play, and by giving us a glamourized headshot does not get you cast.

We want to see a relaxed natural you. Something that looks like you and something that shows personality.

So that when you walk in the room we don’t say “who is that person? That is not the same person as their headshot!”

The most important thing you look for when you meet someone is their eyes. Yes? Then be sure to not just show us your eyes (derr!) but give us something behind the eyes. Something that tells us a story.

How do you do that? Think about a story. Your eyeswill tell us what you’re thinking….. believe me.

Don’t forget what we always say- lead with your eyes not with your chin. By that I mean bring your forehead forward so that the eyes are leading rather than the chin.

Framing is all important but your photographer will help you there. Be sure you know what size frame you are. Ask questions of your photographer as in how tight etc.

I always say that it’s really important to show some skin. Not sexy. No….. please not sexy! But be sure you show some décolletage and shoulders.

I prefer natural light as to studio lights. I think it looks more natural and I think actors are more relaxed in a natural environment.

Think about your clothing. What/ who are you wanting to portray? Please no props. And if you want to play a policeman/ woman or a nurse….. DO NOT dress as one. This is not fancy dress!

And lastly….. get a professional photographer who knows what they doing. After all we want to cast you, so we want you to look your best without being glam.

I found this great photographer online in the States and thought he had some fabulous tips for you.

His name is Peter Hurley and I believe lives in New York. I especially loved the eye tip (I prefer telling a story with your eyes, but his tip can do it very simply) and how to position the jaw and why it is sooooo important.

Headshots are still relevant but self tapes are fast becoming the best way for an actor to show a CD what he / she can do.

If you haven’t checked out our Self Taping School yet check out the link below:

Self Taping School