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How do you make a casting director smile?

Casting Directors are funny types. Not funny ha ha. Funny strange.

For many actors, the fear and trepidation they experience in front of Casting directors –especially in auditions -is akin to facing off against Cerberus –a three headed dog from hell who guarded the entrance of the underworld.

Maybe that is an overstatement?

I am entitled to say things like this because I have been casting for 38 years. And because I was an actor before that, I have dealt with the actor-casting director relationship on both sides of the divide.

No we are not like that. Despite what is said about us at every actor gathering.

There is an important understanding to take into every casting. And that is:

Like all actors, the casting director is also trying to deliver their creative vision. Their creative input. That is why they were employed. And they explore and deliver that vision, in the audition space.

So all that actor empowerment talk about it being YOUR audition is only half right. It is also the casting directors audition.

We are exploring the qualities of the character. And the qualities of the character should be (MUST BE) unique to you. Meaning:

If you regard the sides as the definitive version of the character, and therefore obediently and faithfully follow every word and punctuation of the writer, then you deliver a dull version of the character.

Why? Because the actor immediately before delivered the same. And the next actor is also preparing to deliver the same.

And so you make the casting directors life dull, boring.

That is not why you became an actor in the first place. To be dull. To be a copy of someone else.

So for you next audition, make a casting director smile by being an individual.

And by finding YOUR version of the character.

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