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How do you make sure you get seen for that audition you KNOW you are perfect for?


Like most actors you start with your agent. 

The dialogue goes something like this:

 “My friend Jo Blogs is auditioning for this new series for the role of Jo. I’ve read the character notes and know that I’m perfect for it! Can you get me an audition please?”

The agent comes back and disappointingly says “Sorry! They don’t want to see you!”

Is it because their last experience in auditioning you just did not cut the mustard? Or is it the old chestnut of they just don’t know you?

It’s an age old conundrum for actors. You know you’d be perfect for that role but you just can’t get seen by the CD – for whatever reason.

Yet another audition you know you are right for passes you by!

So frustrating! What to do?

The new year of 2020 is fast approaching, and you want to make sure you are in the starting blocks this time with a great library of self tapes……… wait a minute! Did I say ‘self tapes?’

How about a new show reel you just spent a small fortune on getting graphics, music etc on? 

Guys……. It’s the new world order…. And that new world order is SELF TAPES!

There is not a CD anywhere (if there is I would like to know about them!) who does not ask for a Self Tape when casting.

So, back to the original question …… ‘how do you make sure you are seen for that role you KNOW you are prefect for?’

One easy answer is not waiting for the CD to be casting it! 

You’re too late if you wait for something to happen. You and only YOU have to take control.

Do your research. Who are the CD’s that cast the projects you are perfect for?

Don’t forget most CDs, just like every actor, has their own brand. Their own style or stamp on their work which is unique to them.

So first, work out what your unique IP is, then work out the CD that fits your IP and create self tapes specifically for you to fit into that CD’s casting world.

How do you do that? It’s not easy, but it mist definitely is achievable!

There are a number of factors you have to be aware of, but through the tutelage and mentorship of CD Greg Apps, our Self Taping School gently guides you through the various barriers, techniques, do’s and definite don’ts of the Self Taping rule book.

And believe me, there are more DON’T’s that Do’s! Be the first to join the waiting list for a 10% discount to our next Self Taping School by clicking on this link.