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How important is Social Media for actors?

Do all actors need to be on social media?

We went to see ‘Palm Beach’ the other day with an awesome Ozie cast – Brian Brown, Sam Neill (Ok he’s a Kiwi but we take him as our own), Jacquie McKenzie, Heather Mitchell and many more.

If you check their social media status they really don’t have many followers, but there again they don’t need to. 

They have the name and the library of work to support them.

However if you don’t have a body of work, it is becoming more and more prevalent (sorry but it’s true) where producers ask us at casting time what their social media presence is. 

As Casting Directors we hate it, as it should be about the talent rather than the followers, but it brings it back to what we here at TAT are constantly saying to actors. This industry is a business. And you as actors are part of that business so if you don’t bring bums on seats then ???

If an agent suggest someone to us that we are unaware of what do you think the first thing we do is? 

We search you online. We Google you, we Face Book you and we Instagram you. And then we move to IMDB.

It’s not only about finding out who you are and what your brand is but what your reach is in the digital world.

I have a friend who is working with an Australian network, producing content for Facebook, and what do you think the criteria is for casting all those shows?? Yep…… you guessed it. Social Media!!

And it’s becoming more and more important for actors to understand how the social media stream affects them and their work.

Let’s face it, if an actor has over a million social media followers, how easy is it for the producers to market directly to their audience? A large percentage of the marketing is already done.

It is becoming more and more common for producers to ask us “what is their social media presence?”

Actors need to understand that social media not only gives you the opportunity to get in front of decision makers but can also help toward getting ‘the’ role.

Sunday 22nd September we have our monthly Club TAT

webinar where we are dissecting and exploring how actors use Social Media to enhance their reputation and their work.

If only you could have 118million followers you would book more jobs. Right? But how do you get there?

In our Club TAT webinar this month, we are exploring how actors use Instagram. (We will explore Facebook and Twitter in October and November) and we’re not looking at Hugh Jackman and his 22million followers!!

No, just hard working actors who realise a social media profile is part of their professional identity.

To explore this, if you are attending the webinar, please follow these actors and get to know their instagram presence.

@remyhii 118,000 followers (Remy Hii)

@rycorr 31000 followers (Ryan Corr)

@phoebejtonkin 5.3mill followers (Phoebe Tonkin)

@rebeccagibney_ 140000 followers

@ryanjohnsonofoz 7600 followers (Ryan Johnson)

I will be dissecting their posts and their thinking. OK, sure, Phoebe Tonkin became huge because of one role. But if you are going to have traction with producers, you need to understand how Instagram attracts employers!

If you would like to join Club TAT for just $11 a month click on the link

Enjoy monthly vlogs, blogs, podcasts, conversations with industry practitioners , webinars and much more. 

This is a webinar you do not want to miss. See you there!