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How much control do you have over your fate? What is luck?


I’ve been reading an article lately that suggests our fate is driven by our ancestors and lineage. As much as 50 – 60%! 

I found this quite staggering!

So it begs the question,  what role does fate play in our lives? And how much is left to chance?

How you handle the various things that chance throws at you is, of course, a matter of choice. 

If you are going to win the lottery next week then you have to have bought the ticket. 

But is it chance that won or is it fate? 

I think fate is more likely when you might miss your bus, but a friend happens to see you waiting at the bus stop and gives you a lift instead! 

There again is that fate or chance?

So how does this all relate to your chances of being successful as an actor?

It’s a bit like the lottery ticket.  If you don’t invest in your career then you can’t really expect anything to happen.

And now I come to luck. Is there really such a thing as luck?


I think there are two kinds of luck – one being random when you happen to win that lottery ticket, and forceful luck when you happen to have worked at it to make it happen.

How does this affect you, the actor?

You are an unknown actor struggling to get noticed and you hear there is a great new series being cast. You contact your agent saying ‘this CD is someone you have been targeting. Please push for me to get an audition’.

As it happens you do a great audition and you are offered the lead role.

Is this luck? Or is this because you have targeted this CD by sending him/her tapes of you playing a very similar character as the lead in the series?
In other words you have worked at the luck coming your way?

Yes it’s luck that you happen to have put a couple of self tapes in front of someone who happened to be casting a similar role, but it’s the forceful luck that you have worked at.

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