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How to connect to Agents and Casting Directors

In order to work you must audition.

To audition you must know how to connect to the Decision Makers. The right way.

Decision Makers being agents and casting directors.

Without connecting to these people you will have a very difficult time in getting auditions. And getting auditions is what gets you work.

You may be the most talented actor out there, but if neither the agent or the CD know you and know what you can do, then you may as well be working as a check out chick/ guy.

How do you connect to a Casting Director?

In the old days you used to get a ton of 10 x 8s printed and you’d schlep across town delivering them to the various production houses, casting directors or your agent would do the same.

Most of the time you never got to meet said CD and you’d sit and wait for the phone to ring.

How times have changed!?

Now the control is firmly in the actors hands.

The most important thing for you right now is to get a CD to know enough about you so they audition you for their new upcoming project.

To do that, you need to show them (and your agent) what you can bring to an audition.

Your agent must be confident that you can deliver the goods.

Don’t forget, how well or not you do in your audition, reflects directly on your agent and their business.

They need to think about you when they are choosing actors to submit for the next project that comes into their inbox.

And you need CDs to think of you at the right time. When they are casting a role you are right for.

So why are you not getting these opportunities?

Maybe it’s as simple as your agent not knowing where to place you? If your agent doesn’t know what you are capable of, then you can’t expect the CD to know.

So many actors when they reach out to us say:
1. Hi, I am an actor (I know that)
2. I am a really good actor (I may know that)
3. I was wondering if you have any auditions for me at the moment? (Which is what you really want to say, isn’t it?)

Put simply, most actors say “I am an actor” with your actor headshot (which makes you look like an actor and not an individual).

You must strive to deliver individuality, rather than commitment to acting. Because the fact is, I know you are committed to acting, I know you can act and I know you want an audition.

What I don’t know is what makes you …. You. And that is what interests me the most!

The best way to connect to both your agent and a CD is by showing them a range of short self tapes. Not self tests but self tapes. Yes there is a difference. And there is a technique to delivering the right way so they are watched.

If you don’t know the difference let me know so I can explain